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Water Treatment Systems

Pure Aqua custom design a complete integrated water treatments systems from feed water source to product water distribution and building specifications. Applications include brackish and surface water treatment and seawater desalination for industrial or drinking water uses. Other systems include Membranes Bioreactors and ultrafiltration systems.

Our line ranges from basic water softeners to custom designed water treatment systems that solve a number of water quality issues. We take pride in our ability to respond to our customers' requirements and problems quickly, personally and courteously. Pure Aqua is a business-to-business company.

Our Water Treatment Systems and Reverse Osmosis Equipment maximize recovery and optimze water quality while minimizing capital and operating costs. Our computer designed systems utilize the latest up-dated element data from all major element manufactures, as well as the 3D manufacturing design software. In addition, we custom build pre-treatment, as required, for the most economical and environmentally friendly operation of the entire system. We also provide our clients with projections for expected quality information and operating cost along with projections on future production and water quality.

Water is our most precious resource. Unfortunately there isn’t enough pure clean water to refresh the billions of people who inhabit this vast planet. Of the entire world’s water supply, less than 1% of it is available for drinking, and even that percentage is dwindling. Due to massive population spikes over the past few decades, pollution and other environment harming variables, our clean fresh sources of drinking water are disappearing right before our very eyes. If we aren’t careful, we can leave this world devastated and ravaged for future generations. Is this the legacy we want to leave our children?

Luckily for us there is technology that can help to combat the clean water crisis. With many diverse areas of this technology continuously developing in leaps and bounds, scientists and water engineers have developed a way to turn non-potable water into pure drinking water. Utilizing technology and science, water treatment systems make clean drinking water a reality for anyone who needs it. From residential to commercial to industrial applications, water treatment systems can handle most any type of water. Now governments and large companies can support their populations by being able to provide clean drinking water to those who have limited or no access to it.

Even those who live by the ocean can benefit from a water treatment system. Known as desalination units, these systems take salty sea water and process it into clean potable drinking water by removing all the salt and impurities. Now the water that we thought we couldn’t use is made available to us through the technology of desalination.

Brackish water, which is water that is slightly salty, is easily treated with the proper water treatment system. This water is normally run through a multimedia filter which removes impurities, particles and other contaminants. Next is a carbon filter, which removes odors, tastes, colors and organics that remain in the water. A water softener is important as it removes the water’s hardness. This will help the membranes within the RO system stay clean and not scale with calcium and magnesium buildup. This is why some kind of water softener or antiscalant is very important. The membranes are considered to be the heart of the system. If they get clogged, the whole system shuts down. The salt in the softener bonds with the calcium and magnesium so that they will not pass through the membranes. Instead they get flushed out with the drain water. Once the system is done, the water is emptied into a tank where UV light is used to kill any bacteria that are floating in the water. Now the water is ready for consumption and daily use.

Having a quality water system makes a difference. It’s a difference you can see and taste. So do Mother Nature a favor and help keep her water clean, this way future generations can enjoy all she has to offer.



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