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Water Treatment Plants

Have you ever wondered where your tap water comes from? It doesn’t just magically flow to your pipes from the land of clean fresh water. It is actually piped to your home from city municipal water treatment plants. These plants are where water from many different sources are collected and treated to be made ready and available for human consumption and use. They treat ground water, surface water and rain water. Often times depending on the facility they will even treat waste water. Obviously this is kept separate from the water designated for the tap. Instead this waste water is usually treated and used for irrigation purposes like watering lawns and crops.

How is the water treated? What is the process? Each water treatment plant is different, but the basics are very similar. Many plants use the method of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and then storage, or other similar processes to treat the water. Once the process is complete, the water then is piped directly to local homes, industries and businesses.

To get an idea of how certain water treatment plants work, let’s take a look at the basic process. Depending on the source, water is piped from local lakes, rivers, ground and well water. From there it is piped into the plant. Coagulation consists of removing dirt and other particles from the water. Chemicals are then added to form sticky particles called ‘floc’. These particles attach to the dirt and their combined weight makes them sink to the bottom of the tank where they stay during the stage called sedimentation. From here they go to filtration. Here the water passes through different types of filters such as sand, gravel, and charcoal. This helps to remove smaller particles that the floc didn’t previously catch. Charcoal also helps to remove odors, colors, and bad tastes from the water. Disinfection is one of the final stages the water undergoes. Chlorine is added to kill any bacteria or microorganisms that may still exist in the water. From here it goes to a storage tank or closed reservoir where it awaits distribution to local homes, businesses and industries.

Even though water from water treatment plants is filtered and good enough to drink, many people who own private homes still like to install residential reverse osmosis units under their sinks for added purification. While this is not necessary, many people feel that the water is safer to drink this way, plus many like the taste of twice filtered water better. Either way, water from your local water treatment plant is safe and pure to drink.

Pure Aqua custom engineers complete integrated water treatments plants from raw water intake to product water distribution and building specifications. Applications include brackish and surface water treatment and seawater desalination for industrial or drinking water uses.

Water Treatment Plants
Pure Aqua custom engineers complete integrated water treatments plants from raw water intake to product water distribution and building specifications. Applications include brackish and surface water treatment and seawater desalination for industrial or drinking water uses.

Included in a Budgetary Quote:

  • Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • General Footprint
  • Engineering documentation

Pure Aqua's scope of supply is defined by battery limits, plants consist of modular water treatment skids equipped with their necessary components. These skid-mounted systems allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Delivered Projects Include:

  • General Arrangement 3D drawings of all systems
  • General Layout 3D drawings of plant with interconnecting piping
  • Plant and system layouts in 2D CAD
  • Electrical drawings
  • Building specifications and loads
  • Commissioning
  • Personnel Training
  • Technical handbooks
  • Installation / Operation / Maintenance manuals

Water Treatment Systems

Pure Aqua custom design a complete integrated water treatments systems from feed water source to product water distribution and building specifications. Applications include brackish and surface water treatment and seawater desalination for industrial or drinking water uses. Other systems include Membranes Bioreactors and ultrafiltration systems.Our line ranges from basic water softeners to custom designed water [...]

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Pure Aqua - A Global Leader In Water Treatment

Of the all the water on Earth, only less than 1% is available for drinking and everyday use. Harvesting this percent into pure drinking water is becoming a huge challenge for many governments, especially those who live in drought infested regions. Of the water that is available to people in those regions, water borne diseases [...]

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Pure Aqua, Inc. - A Leading Water Treatment Company

Hard to remove water spots and rust stains getting you down? Tired of your dishes having that chalky appearance after coming out of the dishwasher? You have hard water and it is the nemesis of all house hold appliances that use tap water. Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, [...]

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Why You Need A Water Treatment Company

A water treatment company is important because they provide products that produce clean water for many application purposes. For example, a water treatment company may offer reverse osmosis systems to produce clean drinking water for home and retail purposes. Water treatment companies can also provide additional products to produce clean water for making medicine such [...]

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Water Purification Equipment for all Markets

Pure Aqua, Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing custom water treatment systems and reverse osmosis purification systems for industrial, hospitality, restaurant, and commercial applications. We are experts in designing drinking water purification systems, water filtration systems, and commercial reverse osmosis desalination systems of all sizes to fit your needs in the best method and most [...]

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Why Pure Aqua is a Global Leader in the Manufacturing of Quality Water Treatment Plants?

Water treatment plants are important for producing clean water for many application purposes. For example, water treatment plants are used to produce clean drinking water (home and retail purposes). Water treatment plants are also used to produce clean water for making medicine such as serum; combining clean water with medical liquids. Without water treatment plants [...]

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Water Treatment Company

Water is a tasteless, odorless and nearly colorless substance that occupies about 70% of our planet. It is a very vital element to sustaining life on this planet. Without out it, life as we know it would cease to exist. It is an essential building block for all forms of life. Human bodies are made [...]

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Water Treatment, Purification, Filtration Worldwide

Industrial & Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Water Treatment Systems. Water Purification & Water Filtration Worldwide by Pure Aqua, Inc. All systems are engineered and manufactured in USA. For any inquiry or quotation please call phone # +1 (714) 432-9996 - or Email us at: - You may also visit us Online [...]

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About Pure Aqua, Inc.

Pure Aqua's capabilities range from small skid mounted systems to millions of gallons per day water treatment plants.WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS OFFERED BY PURE AQUA, INC.Membrane Processes Seawater/Brackish Water Reverse OsmosisNanofiltrationUltrafiltrationTwo-Pass RO systemsMicrofiltrationIon Exchange Systems Co-Current/Counter-Current Cation and Anion unitsMixed BedsDealkalizersCondensate PolishersAutomatic SoftenersClarification Equipment ClarifiersLime SoftenersFiltration and Pretreatment Equipment Multi-Media, Activated Carbon, Iron RemovalHorizontal or Vertical FiltersCartridge FiltersBag FiltersSterilization and [...]

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