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Rainwater Treatment

Product Description

Rainwater is known to be one of the greater contributors of fresh water in the world, and in many places, it is common to store and harvest it. Two major benefits of harvesting rainwater are that it will reduce water consumption and it only carries a few contaminants. Though rainwater does not carry many contaminants, it is still important for it to go through a treatment process in order to improve its quality by eliminating impurities.

There are a few treatments designed to remove the contaminants of rainwater. To choose the proper rainwater filtration system one must determine whether the water usage will be potable or non-potable and what contaminants need to be treated. Some examples of the contaminants found in rainwater that require treatment are: bacteria, organic matter, suspended solids, etc. 


The rainwater treatment include Filtration, UV Sterilization, Chlorine Dosing, and Ultrafiltration.  

Filtration can be used for both potable and non-potable. Filtration removes oxidized metals, turbidity, salmonella, sediments, spores

UV Sterilization kills cells, removes bacteria, cysts, fungi, protozoa, unpleasant taste, and viruses

Chlorination removes bacteria, Giardia, dissolved iron, manganese, pathogens, protozoans, and viruses.

Ultrafiltration (also known as low pressure) removes algae, colloidal, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules, and pollen



Rainwater is a great water source for consumption and harvesting rainwater is a smart way to save money. Rainwater is very low on Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which is a huge advantage from other water types; considering that TDS treatments can be costly. Harvesting rain water can also help save money on water bills. Other benefits of harvesting rain water include: prevention of droughts and floods, easy to maintain, decreases usage of ground water, can be used for various purposes, and it helps save the environment. 



  • Agriculture
  • Bathing
  • Car wash
  • Cooking
  • Drinking
  • Fire Protection
  • In cooling Towers
  • Laundry
  • Toilet flushing



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