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Chemical Feeding Systems

Pure Aqua, Inc. offers a complete range of chemical feeding pumps. Chemical feeding systems are used in different applications that require mixing, storage and accurate dosing of particular chemical reagents.

Chemical Feeding Systems Applications 

Our quality lies in knowing the needs of our customers and our complete understanding of the processes involved, the capability to provide 95% of our products from stock and offer complete technical support. Chemicals used in the membrane treatment systems are ideal for long-term plant performance, dosing the correct chemical at the ideal rate and in an effective manner is important.

Chemicals Commonly Dosed

  • Prechlorination Dosing (calcium hypochlorite)
  • De-chlorination Dosing (sodium bisulfite)
  • Acid Dosing (HCl or H2SO4)
  • Antiscalant Chemical 
  • pH adjustment Dosing System (NaOH)
  • Coagulant
  • Biocide

Pure Aqua Inc., your one supplier for all chemical dosing requirements, from pumps, chemicals, monitoring equipment and skid mounted units to complete chemical dosing systems and packages. 

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