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Cartridge Filters

cartridge filters parts and components

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Cartridge Filters

Water treatment filtration products offered by Pure Aqua include, Shelco Filters, Harmsco, Pentek and Eden Equipment. Pure Aqua uses only the highest quality filtration products ensuring our customers longer life of their components. With sediment filter cartridges ranging from 100 micron filtration all the way down to 0.2 micron, making them perfect for any pre and post treatment filtration requirement. Carbon and GAC filter cartridges are made of high quality coconut shell and is available in many different sizes and micron ratings such as 20 micron filtration down to 5 micron. Pure Aqua also carries all types of cartridge filtration housings in a large variety of sizes and filtering capacities. With our vast assortment of housings we can accommodate any flow rate and we can tailor a housing to withstand even the harshest of conditions for our customers.

Cartridge filters utilize refinement technology for the removal of organic substances and suspended solids from water sources through the use of cartridge filter housings, activated carbon cartridge filters, pleated cartridge filters, spun cartridge filters, melt-blown cartridge filters, and microporous filters. 

Pure Aqua delivers an assortment of water filter cartridges which extend from applications such as industrial, commercial, municipal, chemicals, etc. Our cartridge filter housings are distributed in a great variety of sizes, capacities, contaminant removal media filters, that depend upon your application.

Problems regarding water supply comes in many different forms, but are fortunately easily solved. Our company is happy to provide high-quality water cartridge filters to customize your water purification system to suit your needs. 

Fouling, odors, and sediments are some of the unwanted impurities eliminated with the usage of cartridge filter housings. Our first-rate water filter cartridges provide simple twist-off entry to replace the cartridge inside. These cartridges are designed in a clear manner so the filter working and monitor display when it’s time for a cartridge replacement.


pentek pentair water cartridge filters parts and components

shelco cartridge filters parts and components

harmsco cartridge filters parts and components

eden equipment company cartridge filters parts and components

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