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Restaurant Water Filter System | Reverse Osmosis

water treatment systems for restaurant industry

When most people think of restaurant water filter system, the first thing that comes to mind is potable drinking water. This small fraction of the water we use (about 5% of natural water resources in the United States) has some of the strictest requirements in the water filtration industry. As residents of California, we at Pure Aqua have a mastery of these standards and requirements for your drinking water due to the dry yearly droughts we face and shortage of water. We can design a Reverse Osmosis System to meet any size of application, purification requirement, or special needs you may require. We've designed hundreds of commercial reverse osmosis systems that together produce millions of gallons of clean drinking water every day. Commercial water filters can enhance your restaurant in the following ways:

  • Decreasing service calls

  • Continuing the warrant of your equipment's

  • Distilling elements, sediments, disease, particularly in hard water

  • Disallowing municipal water supply issues to compromise sanitary serving

  • Delivering savoring drinking water for beverages, tea, and coffee

  • Decreasing limescale growth in ions content

  • Improving efficiency of equipment by removing limescale out of components

Pure Aqua has a broad range of commercial and industrial standard products for the varied drinking water treatment and restaurant water filtration system applications. We supply municipalities, water bottlers, motels, hotels, and resorts requiring safe drinking water for their visitors to name a few. Farmers needing specific irrigation water for their plants, refineries, power plants, oil and gas and chemical factories requiring specific process water for their equipment.

The vast majority of the world’s water is actually used for agriculture. With decreasing supply of clean water, it is important to manage this critical resource through different means such as water filtration systems. Farmers and beverage companies are required to treat their water because fresh sources of water are diminishing.

The most important element for clean and fresh-tasting water for beverages such as soft drinks, tea, and coffee is the usage of water sterilization. A restaurant water filter system will combat difficult water conditions and add to a successful beverage program. The most important element of water filtration in the food and beverage industry is water sterilization. It is only natural that the strictest rules and regulations are placed on the water that goes into the products we eat and drink on a daily basis. Ultraviolet Sterilizers from Pure Aqua can render as much as 500 GPM of water completely void of living or viral microorganisms. The best part is that it is done without chemicals or filtration media, which means there is no influence on the taste or the chemicals that go into our food with the usage of these restaurant water filtration systems.

Another way to disinfect water is with Ozonation. Ozone-enriched water (OEW) actually reduces wastewater pollutants, and sanitizes on contact. Pure Aqua Ozonators are completely self-contained as well, meaning the Ozone is produced on-site and self-contained for your convenience. Like Ultraviolet Sterilization, Ozonation has no costly chemicals or filtration media, ensuring that your water will go unchlorinated and ensure the quality of water you need.

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