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Water Disinfection Systems


We provide a complete range of water disinfection systems for various applications including disinfection of chemicals, UV and ozonation.

We provide services for custom in-house design, manufacturing and installation of chemical dosing and industrial water systems suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ultraviolet or UV sterilizers are used in water purification and treatments to make water healthier and prolong the life of the water that has been treated and processed.

The word “sterile” is defined as being free from living germs or microorganisms. A UV sterilizer supremely cleans water and kills bacteria and microorganisms that can infest water even after it has been treated. 

Many water purification systems take advantage of a UV sterilizer even after processing their water. This is a well-known practice. Pure Aqua highly recommends UV sterilizers as a post treatment when treating water.

Throughout the years ultraviolet technology has become well established as a chosen method for effective and economical water disinfection.

 UV sterilization claims many advantages:

  • All microorganisms are virtually susceptible to ultraviolet disinfection.
  • For every penny of operating cost, hundreds of gallons of water are purified.
  • NO additional chemicals are added and there’s no danger of overdosing.
  • Once the water leaves the purifier, it is ready for use with no further contact time required.
  • It has simple and easy to install and maintain.
  • Compact units need a small space to operate and store.
  • UV sterilizers deliver ongoing or intermittent disinfection without special attention or measurement.
  • There are no detections of chlorine taste or corrosion problems.
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