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Toray 8" Seawater Membranes

Toray has provided first-rate seawater membranes for over 30 years with new and improved solutions regarding efficient production of freshwater. 

Torays successful track record in the seawater desalination industry has proven their proficiency in manufacturing reverse osmosis membranes. These elements have achieved consistent results in removing virtually all salt content from seawater.

Toray seawater membranes have been built within thousands of well-performing water purification plants across the world, as well as in chemical, and power & energy plants. 

Before Toray seawater membranes made their entry in the seawater desalination industry, the most conventional process used was the evaporation method. The evaporation process was designed to eliminate as much saline content from seawater. However, this method came with a lot of deficiencies such as requiring huge amounts of energy, which held a negative impact on the environment when used on a large-scale. Toray became the leading reverse osmosis membrane company to introduce a substitution for the evaporation method, which brought upon the environmentally friendly desalination systems in existence today. 

Toray membrane products have accomplished consistent performance throughout the decades in areas of seawater and other water sources that have been kept largely untouched. These RO membranes have satisfied the consumer’s demands with a dependable stream of clean water with applications such as:

These seawater membranes provide various degrees of effectiveness that depend on the condition of the feed water being treated. The operating conditions will be assigned specific reverse osmosis membranes with the features needed to be effective as possible. Toray membranes have now incorporated enhanced boron removal, low seawater energy usage and fouling resistance, which reduces the energy cost for seawater desalination projects.

Toray is the leading provider in the provision of first-rate automated rolling tools. The programmed spiral wound elements accomplish increased durability and membrane surface area in comparison to conventional hand rolled elements. The characteristics comprised are high flux RO elements, and high salt rejection which makes these seawater membranes suitable for applications that include seawater desalination, municipal water systems, and power & energy industries that produce clean water. 


  • Cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide composite membrane
  • Cross-linked polypiperazine polyamide composite membrane


  • High rejection for high salinity brackish and seawater applications
  • Ultra low pressure for cold brackish and seawater 


Toray Seawater Membranes Features:

  • Eliminates more than 99.75% of TDS in water
  • Incorporated with brine seal and interconnector
  • Eradicate unwanted impurities such as bacteria, viruses, chloride, lead, etc. 
  • Utilized in seawater treatment


Type Diameter Inch Membrane Area ft2 Salt Rejection % Product Flow Rate gpd Feed Spacer Thickness mil
TM820C-370 8” 370 99.75 6,000 34/31
TM820C-400 8” 400 99.75 6,500 34/28
TM820E-400 8” 400 99.75 7,500 28
TM820M-400 8” 400 99.8 7,000 34
TM820M-440 8” 440 99.8 7,700 28
TM820V-400 8” 400 99.8 9,000 28
TM820V-440 8” 440 99.8 9,900 28
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