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Toray 8" Brackish Water Membranes

Toray RO membranes are designed to provide solutions for a sustainable future. These membranes feature high permeate flux and increased fiber strength to ensure chemical stability. The modules are filled with Hollow Fiber UF/MF membranes that filter out pollutants, while allowing clean and permeated water to pass through. 

Toray membranes are manufactured with state-of-the-art membrane separation technology and nanotechnology to design more efficient MBR modules.

Toray reverse osmosis membranes are supplied across the world to large-scale manufacturing plants.   

Toray develops reverse osmosis membranes using the latest technology, fully automated rolling material introduced by Toray Industries. The self-regulating curving of spiral wound elements offers greater physical strength and surface area  compared to conventional hand rolled elements. The reverse osmosis membranes developed are capable of being fitted with any membrane manufacturers offering simple upgrades and adjustment opportunities. The features provided by Toray RO membranes such as, high flux flow and high rejection, makes these products perfectly suited for specific applications which include seawater desalination, municipal water, and fresh and potable water production.


  • Crosslinked fully aromatic polyamide ultra-thin composite membrane
  • Cross-linked polypiperazine polyamide composite membrane
  • Cellulose acetate membrane


  • High rejection TM700 series, for high salinity brackish water applications
  • Ultra low pressure TMH and TMG series for low salinity brackish water applications
  • High rejection TML10D series for high fouling tendency water applications
  • Commercial & household 2" to 4" tap water elements

Toray RO membranes have the following advantages compared to the conventional evaporation method of seawater desalination:

  • Lower Facility Costs- Continued optimizations to Torays SWRO membranes has allowed for the production of more clean water at a reduced cost 
  • High Recovery Rate (low seawater usage)- Toray SWRO provide high recovery rate which results in less seawater usage and increases in energy and operational savings
  • Used in many applications- Toray RO membrane elements can be utilized in many applications which range from freshwater processes to seawater desalination
  • Experience- Toray has manufactured first-rate reverse osmosis membranes to plants around the world for the last 25 years
  • Water Treatment Global Sales Team- Torays global sales team operates throughout six regions which include East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, and China. By greatly increasing both their sales staff and customer service bases, Toray has strengthened its sales system in responding to customer needs.


Models Description Diameter
Permeate (gpd) Net Thickness
TM720-370 Standard BWRO 8 99.7 2400 31
TM720-400 Standard BWRO 8 99.7 2600 31
TM720-440 Standard BWRO 8 99.7 2400 31
TM720D-400 High rejection BWRO 8 99.3 2400 31
TM720D-440 High Rejection BWRO 8 99.7 2,650 34
TM720C-440 Low pressure BWRO 8 99.2 9000 28
TM720L-400 Low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 8500 31
TM720L-440 Low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 9400 28
TMG20-370 Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 9500 34
TMG20-400 Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 10200 28
TMG20-370C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 9500 34
TMG20-400C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 10200 31
TMG20N-400C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 10200 34
TMG20-440C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.5 11300 28
TMH20A-400 Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.3 11000 28
TMH20A-400C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.3 11000 34
TMH20A-440C Ultra low pressure BWRO 8 99.3 12100 28
TMG20D-400 Ultra low pressure BWRO, 8 99.7 12100 34
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