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Toray 4" Seawater Membranes

Toray seawater membranes has remained as the most effective solution to freshwater production since the company’s entry into the seawater desalination industry.

We have chosen to supply Toray seawater membranes due to their unmatched performance in producing fresh and potable water for industrial-use or human consumption through the removal of saline from seawater. 

These reverse osmosis membranes are provided throughout many regions in the world within different water treatment plants, as well as in chemical, and power & energy plants. 

Before the introduction of Toray RO membranes, the most traditional approach to seawater desalination was the evaporation method. This process involved eradicating salt content through the evaporation of the seawater feed. One of the evaporation methods shortcomings was the immense energy it required, which had a detrimental effect on our environment when used on a large-scale. Toray was one of the first company’s to provide an alternative solution through manufacturing a reverse osmosis membrane effective enough to remove seawater of chlorine without the use of evaporation, which introduced the environmentally friendly desalination system we have today.

Toray has expertly designed its products to perform with maximum performance on seemingly untouched seas and other water sources. These seawater membranes have fulfilled the public’s needs with a reliable supply of fresh water with applications such as: 

  • Seawater desalination
  • Ultrapure water production
  • Wastewater treatment

The desired performance of Toray seawater membranes alters accordingly to the condition of the feed water being treated. Toray has continued to manufacture reverse osmosis membranes tailored specifically to operating condition. With the growing importance of attaining efficient boron removal and reduced operational cost, Toray has developed RO membranes with minimal low fouling for seawater desalination projects to achieve these features. 

Toray develops reverse osmosis membrane elements that utilize state-of-the-art automated rolling tools. The self-regulating spiral wound elements achieve greater physical toughness and surface area compared to traditional hand rolled elements. The features included are high flow attributes, and high rejection which makes them perfectly befitting to utilize in applications such as seawater desalination, municipal freshwater, and the development of clean water for power & energy industries.


  • Up to 99.8% of total dissolved solids are removed
  • Incorporated with brine seal and interconnector
  • Remove dissolved impurities such as chloride, lead, chromate, fluoride, bacteria, and others
  • For use in seawater treatment





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