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RO Cleaning Skid 120 GPM - USA

Product Description

An RO cleaning skid was supplied to a major company in MO, USA. This cleaning skid was designed with the capability to clean 3 pressure vessels at a time. It came complete with a SS pump, 5 micron cartridge filter, electric-heater, and a 300 gallon tank. 

The RO cleaning skid is designed to clean RO membrane elements manually through a local control box placed on the skid. RO membrane elements face a reduction in performance due to deposit build up on the surface of the membrane. Membrane fouling is caused by things such as mineral scale, colloidal particles, biological matter, and insoluble organic compounds. The cleaning skid is normally utilized when the production of an RO system falls by at least 10 percent or the differential pressure accelerates by 15 percent. The cleaning skid includes features such as a skid mounted system, a covered chemical solution tank, PVC piping, stainless steel pump, 5 micron cartridge filter with stainless steel housing or polypropylene, local flow meter, and a tank level switch. It can include some options such as: pH controller, temperature controlled electric heater for chemical tank, flexible hoses for cleaning connection, wheel mounted skids for smaller units, and mixer. 

Date: June 2013

Country: United States

System/Product: Reverse Osmosis Cleaning Skid

Flow Rate: --

Component & Brands:
- 3 Pressure vessels
- SS pump
- 5 micron cartridge filter
- electric heater
- 300 gallon tank 














[custom-documents]RO Cleaning Skid 120 GPM - USA - Case Study [/custom-documents]
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Pure Aqua| RO Cleaning Skid MO, USA 120 GPM 01:56

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to RO cleaning skids. This RO cleaning skid was completed in June of 2013 and shipped for use in MO, USA. The cleaning skid is put into a system in order to clean the RO membranes while they are in the system. This system also has a recycle feature where water is put back into the cleaning skid for the purposes for mixing or changing the rate of flow. For more information click here:

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