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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Pitcairn Islands


The Pitcairn Islands, with just 48 people (July 2011 est.) are in the South Pacific Ocean, about midway between Peru and New Zealand. The group includes the islands of Pitcairn, Henderson Island, Ducie, and Oeno.
Ducie and Oeno are atolls. The pristine Henderson Island is a limestone plateau, raised 100 m or more above sea level by seismic activity below the Pacific Plate. Henderson Island has been above the sea surface for at least 380,000 years. Pitcairn Island is a volcanic high island, reaching 350 m.
It is Britain's most isolated dependency; only the larger island of Pitcairn is inhabited but it has no port or natural harbor. Therefore supplies must be transported by rowed longboat from larger ships stationed offshore.
Its major environmental issues include deforestation (only a small portion of the original forest remains because of burning and clearing for settlement).
Climate: tropical; hot and humid; modified by southeast trade winds; rainy season (November to March)
Natural Resources: miro trees (used for handicrafts), fish. Note: manganese, iron, copper, gold, silver, and zinc have been discovered offshore.



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