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Pure Aqua, Inc.’s core business is water treatment and has a number of products for the Power and Energy industry.  Whether that is condensate polishing, cooling water treatment systems, or boiler feed water treatment. As a complete system integrator, Pure Aqua has a wide range of solutions for the varied sources of water and different types of contaminants associated with boiler feed water.


Boiler Feed Water (sometimes referred to as ultrapure water) is water that needs to be as close to absolute purity as possible for the purpose of heat absorption. Boilers heat water to cause it to evaporate into extremely hot steam, and impurities such as minerals and gasses in water can cause this process to become less efficient, wear on the generator that takes the evaporated water, and corrosion on equipment exposed to it. Because of this, it is very important to make sure the water used in Boiler Feeds is as pure as possible.

A Recovery System Reverse Osmosis from Pure Aqua can achieve those purities. When a RO System can't reach the required purities alone, a Pure Aqua Deionizing Unit works best in conjunction to reach the purest thresholds of water.


Because high purity water absorbs large amounts of heat, it is good for taking heat away from generators as well as bringing it to them. Many types of motors and electric generators build large amounts of heat as they operate - so much heat that they can literally destroy themselves from the inside out. Very much like the radiator in your car, high purity water prevents a generator from damaging itself by absorbing the heat and piping it away.


One of the most unique properties of water is its ability to act as a semi-conductor when in its purest form. Depending on the impurities within water, it can act to insulate or conduct electricity, making it an incredibly valuable resource in almost any large-scale electrical system. In order to precisely control the different mineral, ion, and gas impurities in water for its use as a semiconductor requires an advanced purification system that can isolate different impurities and selectively remove them for optimum performance. 


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