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water treatment systems for military industry

As armed forces from all nations travel to the four corners of the world assisting those in need, it's only natural that fresh, potable water is one of the things that they provide to those less fortunate. We've designed Reverse Osmosis systems for military groups serving all over the world, preventing poisoning and disease from contaminated sources both at land and at sea. Not all the water treated in the line of duty is for the less fortunate, however. A Reverse Osmosis System is a portable solution for clean water treatment for any kind of temporary camp or base. Our systems are designed to meet your turbidity and contaminant requirements, so your system can always be on the go without worry.


For portable water purification solutions, more often than not the system needs to be mounted to the back of a vehicle or even be built into the vehicle itself. All of Pure Aqua's Reverse Osmosis Systems are built on skids designed with advanced computer imaging, ensuring that our system can meet almost any footprint needs you might have. You don't have to sacrifice effectiveness, capacity or size requirements. Our systems are designed to be made out of a number of structurally durable materials on request, guaranteeing that your system can handle anything you might throw at it. A Pure Aqua filtration solution is a solution that's built to last.


For off-shore military applications, Pure Aqua Desalination Systems can be a dedicated water source on ships and large seafaring vessels. These systems can filter seawater feed and make clean, safe product for cooling, grey water purposes, and even food and beverages. Many of these large military ships, when not in use protecting their nation, make excellent emergency relief platforms, producing millions of gallons of drinkable water daily for disaster relief, droughts and shortages, and off-shore assistance.





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