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Hotels and resorts carry enormous pressure to perform as the ultimate getaway for their customers. With the array of water applications that the hotel/resort industry provide, delivering the highest quality of water is imperative to enhance the overall customer experience. Whether it be the water quality of pools/spas, drinking water, or cooking water, ultra-purified water accentuates the most central services that collectively make up for the customers’ experience. Therefore, incorporating a water treatment system crucial to providing the best service to the guests. In addition, implementing a water treatment system saves resources making it an environmentally-friendly shift that will help reduce the establishment’s carbon footprint.

Water treatment systems are available for all applications within the hotel and resort industry. Reverse osmosis systems produce water that is all-encompassing of applications. The product water from RO systems is the most purified form of water, and can therefore be used for drinking water as well as for general hotel applications.

There are also systems that relate to specific applications in order to produce the best quality results. A water softener is a system that complements the application of laundry services as it provides softened water to wash clothing. Using purified water also prevents the scale formation on appliances like faucets and showerheads by filtering out the mineral substances that create mineral deposits.

Water treatment systems also vary depending on the source of the water requiring treatment. Hotels and resorts that are near the ocean typically have access to seawater and can use it as their water source. Seawater reverse osmosis system are designed to desalinate seawater and purify water for all applications including drinking water. The product water of SWRO systems are the most purified form of water and therefore can be used for any application.


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