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Hospital | Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment Systems

water treatment systems for hospital industry

All of our systems meet the strictest of standards for any application, including seeing use in hospitals. Our reverse osmosis and EDI systems are perfect for producing incredibly high purity, disinfected water. Our high quality modules produce ultrapure water to satisfy the demand for high purity water in the Hospital industry. 


Having a source of sterile water is a vital aspect in every hospital. Doctors, patients, and the staff alike need reliable water for every day applications. From disinfecting medical products and equipment, wound cleansing, drinking water, and sterilization before medical procedures, Pure Aqua, Inc. can provide high purity water systems, engineered to meet stern hospital standards and requirements. 


EDI systems are ideal solutions to many hospital applications, and we offer a full line of fully customizable Electro-Deionization systems, which are all engineered using advanced computer modeling and process design software for individual customized solutions. 


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