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Pure Aqua has provided state-of-the-art technology to many industries that have used our products to maintain a clean environment around the world. Since these industries support the world by delivering things we can’t live without, it is our responsibility to subdue the harmful effects of wastes and pollutants for all intents and purposes. Pure Aqua has designed hundreds of systems that are being used for conservation purposes today. Depending on the boiler pressure, treated water may range from simple ion exchange to advanced double pass reverse osmosis system followed by electrodeionization. Feeding low quality water into a boiler can cause significant and sometimes serious problems if not detected and corrected immediately. Pure Aqua engineers can assist in assessing the right system for your boiler feed application.


For Environmental Preservation:
Aside from erosion and airborne pollution, the pollution of our natural water sources and poisoning of habitats causes severe damage to the wildlife on our planet. A large amount of the pollution in these areas come from the industries where chemical leaks and waste spills from centuries ago still affect regions around the world today. Pure Aqua is constantly working to find solutions to the problems posed by these industries.

As an example, tillings are a highly toxic sludge containing known carcinogens and substances lethal to both humans and wildlife. The most widely used practice of tillings disposal for the mining of precious gems and metals is to create a large sludge fen to allow the water in the sludge to evaporate and the dry materials to be trucked away. In addition to the risk of chemicals like arsenic and cyanide leaking into groundwater sources, these fens often look like normal ponds from a glance, causing a large number of casualties among water birds and grazing mammals.

Using a pressurized ultrafiltration system, tillings can dry into large, stackable blocks almost instantly, lowering their footprint, and eliminating the risk of groundwater corruption. This is one of the ways Pure Aqua can help with your waste disposal needs.

For Freshwater & Seawater Conservation:
The conservation of our diminishing freshwater resources is important, but pollution on the open seas is a growing world issue as well. Dumping, industrial fishing waste, and off-shore platform failures can cause damage to the biodiversity of our planet's oceans. Billions of dollars are invested annually into controlling the damage caused in these accidents. Thousands of fish and marine mammals can die in a single oil spill, but that's not the only concern. Algae and planktons are becoming more and more prevalent as producers of biofuels and modern medicines, and the damage to some of the key species of these microscopic organisms makes it more and more difficult to utilize their effectiveness. A negative impact on the ocean has a negative impact on the entire planet, and Pure Aqua is there to ensure that we leave the oceans better than when we find them.


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