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The largest use of fresh water in the United States is for irrigation purposes. A of this water is obtained from groundwater, which only has a limited supply. Each year, aquifers are exhausted of water or contaminated, making sources of fresh water for irrigation increasingly scarce. Farms around the world have started to utilize alternative methods for water conservation and protection of this precious natural resource.


The water purification requirements for irrigation purposes are much more lax than for drinking water (because of the natural filtration mechanisms in fruits and vegetables as plants). This gives irrigation a larger pool of resources to draw from than our precious groundwater sources. A rapidly growing practice is the re-use of grey water and treated sewage effluent (TSE) for use in irrigation. This waste water, after going through a Membrane Bio Reactor and Ultrafiltration, may not be suitable for drinking water, but is perfect for use in farming and irrigation. There are even farms that rely solely on TSE for their water, taking no water from underground aquifers.

Almost all naturally occurring water contains some form of contaminants from the surrounding rocks and soil that make up the earths crust. Drained irrigation water and effluent sewage water are contributors to the quality of water. Typically, salinity level is the main concern in the irrigation industry due to the debilitating effect salt has on soil and product growth. However, there are also other contaminants like boron that can be just as harmful to the irrigation industry due its similar adverse effects. Elevated amounts of boron cause toxicity effects to occur which causes damage to the soil and overall product yield. These high amounts can already exist naturally in groundwater and seawater but can also be a result of contaminated water.


Pure Aqua has manufactured hundreds of systems for irrigation purposes that purify millions of gallons of water every day. Our systems can handle any kind of contamination or fouling, and we will be happy to custom design a system to meet your specific output and purification requirements.





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