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Pure Aqua Filter Media and Resin

Product Description

Uses for Pure Aqua Filter Media and Resin

Precision Sizing:

Precision sizing and uniform grading to close limits meet standard specifications. These products are used nationally and internationally due to their high quality, desirable chemical properties and sizing.

Quality processing:

Pure Aqua sand is graded specifically for water filtration plants. It can be used in municipal and industrial applications for sediment filtration. Pure Aqua uncrushed gravel has a highly spherical shape that promotes good flow and even distribution in support beds.



Graded in various ranges, Pure Aqua Sand can be used as a filtration medium or as underbedding depending on particle size and application.


Anthracite is recommended as a filter medium where additional silica in the water is not desirable and may be used to remove lighter weight turbidity.


Calcite media is specially graded calcium carbonate compound for neutralizing acid in water and provides consistent dissolving rates for treatment.

Activated Carbon:

Pure Aqua activated carbon medium is used to remove taste, odor and chlorine and is used in many pretreatment processes in drinking water applications.

Manganese Greensand:

Manganese Greensand media is treated siliceous material used for treating water containing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.


ProSand is based on a rare natural mineral and it’s unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance and cost of media filtration

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