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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Modules

Membrane bioreactor are utilized for the treatment of industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater. This technology permits users to increase recovery of resources, reduce expenses, and enact an oblique economy perspective in your application. Pure Aqua’s selection of membrane bioreactors combine the features and benefits of flat sheet and hollow fibre technologies.

Our membrane bioreactors for wastewater, sludge, and water treatment purposes are fitting for any population size and essentially any non-treated wastewater. Pure Aqua is involved in all stages of a project, from the processing to supply of equipment, and operational training. Our design engineers observe the water purification process to ascertain ideas on improving the efficiency of the water supply and pollution control. 

Our team will manage applications such as water purification and wastewater for municipalities around the world. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, demineralization, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and biological processes. These systems are made from brands such as Memstar, Toray, Hydranautics and are designed with robust, dependable, and cooperative wastewater treatment system solutions. These brand’s membrane bioreactors have been distributed around the world within operations in need of MBR systems. 

Common Applications

How membrane bioreactor works?

Membrane bioreactors works by combining the of a membrane process such as microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor. MBR systems are now widely used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment within large-sized manufacturing plants. When used with domestic wastewater, MBR systems can produce effluent of high quality that is enough to be discharged to irrigation or seawater, brackish, and surface water sources. MBR systems are designed to have certain advantages over conventional systems include small footprints, easy rental, and upgrades of old wastewater treatment plants. These systems offer optimal performance in removing many contaminants such has microbiological organisms that are present in the wastewater.


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