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Industrial UV Sterilizers UVI

Product Description

Pure Aqua's UVI systems virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Water enters through the bottom port of the ultraviolet generator cell and swirls around a low pressure mercury vapor lamp, which emits powerful ultraviolet light energy with a 235.7nm wavelength. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms absorb the light energy which disrupts their DNA, and are destroyed safely inside a factory-tested stainless steel holding cell. The treated water then exits through the top port of the cell and is ready for consumption.

Benefits of Industrial UV Sterilizers UVI 200:

  • Effective - Virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to UVI-200 disinfection.

  • Automatic - Continuous or intermittent disinfection without special attention or measurement.

  • Fast - Water is ready for consumption as soon as it leaves the cell, no further contact time needed.

  • Easy - Simple installation and maintenance. Minimum space requirements.

  • Safe - No danger or way of overdosing, no addition of hazardous chemicals.

  • Versatile - Capacities available from 40 to 1,300 gallons per minute.

  • Economical - Hundreds of gallons of water can be purified for just pennies a day.

  • No Chemicals - No chlorine taste or corrosion problems.


Questions & Answers


Do UV water purifiers really work?

UV water purifiers are believed to provide the best remedy for removing biological contaminants from drinking water. Ultraviolet water treatment systems work by emitting UV lights from various sources, such as the sun. These UV lights discharge beams of radiation that are meant to eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms in water. While effective, the performance of these UV lights depend on how much intensity the system is able to emit. If water treatment systems are not able to produce high intensity UV lights, then the radiation will be insufficient in killing the DNA of all existing bacteria and viruses in the water. These same UV lights also happen to be invisible to the naked eye, which makes it difficult to ascertain the condition of the UV system. This commonly leads to water treatment companies unwittingly using defective UV systems for long duration's. For this reason, Pure Aqua engineers recommend substituting the lamp in your UV water treatment system at least once a year.

Does UV light kill bacteria in water?

Yes, the essential function of UV lights is to wipe out biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. However, it is ineffective in targeting other contaminants such as chlorine, salts, heavy metals, and etc. UV also fails in altering the water’s chemistry.  

Why UV treated water is not harmful for drinking?

No, UV water purification systems are designed to make drinking water safe by eradicating harmful contaminants from untreated water. They are best used alongside other water filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis, to effectively remove all types of contaminants.

Can UV light sterilize water?

UV light sterilizers are designed to do just that; sterilize water, swiftly and conclusively. They operate constantly to guarantee your water is purified to a clean extent. However, for the sterilization process to work effectively, the water must be purified before entering the system, and not contain any wastes or debris.  

How does UV light clean water?

UV water purification systems disinfects living microorganisms by exposing them to ultraviolet lights. However, they do not filter them out of the water, nor do they remove other harmful contaminants. At the same time, water filters, such as reverse osmosis systems do not eradicate bacteria and viruses as well as UV light sterilizers. UV sterilizers are required to work in conjunction with water filtration systems in order to produce clean drinking water.

Do UV Water Treatment Systems require regular maintenance?

Yes, UV water treatment systems will need periodic maintenance. Fortunately, UV systems are generally basic and straightforward to understand. Here are some aspects to observe to ensure your UV purification system will continue performing optimally for years to come:

  • UV lamps are the foundation of UV water purification systems, and must be substituted at least once a year. This is due to the UV lamps gradual reduction in light wave intensity by more than 50% of what a fresh lamp produces. If you happen to turn your UV lamp on and off more than twice a day, then the lifespan of the lamp will shorten even faster.

  • UV sleeves are used to protect the UV light lamp and must be changed at least once every couple of years. Since the water running through UV light systems carry debris, sediments, and other minerals, the UV sleeves are left vulnerable to being congested by these materials. If this occurs, then the UV sleeves will begin to impede the UV lights from piercing through the sleeve and water.


UV Water Sterilizers: Industries

Pure Aqua designs Industrial UV water treatment systems that produce remarkable results in industries, such as:

  • MiningPure Aqua’s membrane systems are built to minimize the amount of waste fostered in large-scale mining operations. A great deal of this purified water can be reworked, which lowers the usage needed from local water sources.

  • Marine – Our desalination systems ensure a continuous provision of pure freshwater while the world’s water resources become increasingly scarce, and/or contaminated.

  • Military– Military water filtration systems made with meticulous accuracy to ensure it is free of error. The final result is an efficient, reliable and durable military grade reverse osmosis systems that are well-founded in the military industry all over the world.

  • Food and Beverage– Water purification is a vital component in the food and beverage industry since it has a direct contiguity with human consumption.


Industrial UV Sterilizers UVI
Model # Flow Rate (GPM) Power Consumption (W) Number of UV Lamps ANSI Flanges Size - inch Shipping Weight (lbs)
SUV-12 12 173 W 1 2" Flange 125
SUV-33 33 274 W 3 2" Flange 170
SUV-60 60 265 W 2 2" Flange 267
SUV-90 90 265 W 2 4" Flange 267
SUV-125 125 407 W 4 4" Flange 400
SUV-175 175 407 W 4 4" Flange 534
SUV-248 248 693 W 4 4" Flange 670
SUV-338 338 693 W 4 6" Flange 770
SUV-492 492 1548 W 6 6" Flange 820
SUV-553 553 1833 W 8 6" Flange 950
SUV-664 664 1833 W 8 8" Flange 1150
SUV-793 793 1833 W 8 8" Flange 1250
SUV-909 909 1833 W 8 8" Flange 1350
SUV-1095 1095 2118 W 10 8" Flange 1450
SUV-1292 1292 2403 W 12 8" Flange 1450
SUV­­-1380 1380 2403 W 12 10" Flange 1450
For more information, please view/download our "Data Sheet"
Industrial UV Sterilizers UVI

Standard Features

Avaliable Options

Operation Specifications

  • Low-pressure high-output lamp technology provides increased process performance and extended lamp life

  • Lamp status indicator

  • Running time meter

  • 304 stainless steel or carbon steel control cabinet (vary by model)

  • 316L stainless steel treatment chamber

  • Electronic ballast

  • Ra 32 internal surface finish

  • Single-ended lamp allows quick change-outs without tools 

  • UL Standard

  • UV temperature and monitoring system

  • Lamp Out Alert (LOA)

  • Hand/Off/Auto (HOA)

  • 4-20mA output signal

  • Sanitary fitting in treatment chamber

  • Ra 15 internal surface finish

  • Hot water sanitization at 170ºF available with stainless steel components, nuts and viton o-rings only 


  • Electrical Supply: 100-240V/50-60Hz

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)

  • Ambient Air: 34-104ºF (1-40ºC)

  • Water Temperature: 40-104ºF (1-40ºC) 



The ultraviolet method of microbiological eradication is commonly used for:

  • Homes

  • Hotels

  • Schools

  • Green Houses

  • Beauty Shops

  • Cottages

  • Farms

  • Hospitals

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