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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment 87,000 GPD - Ecuador

Product Description

An industrial reverse osmosis equipment was developed for a major company in Ecuador. In the equipment is an industrial reverse osmosis device from our RO-400 series and two chemical dosing systems. From a groundwater feed, the equipment can dechlorinate, treat, and purify water of no more than 3,000 PPM TDS at a rate of 87,000 GPD From its initial start-up, the system has been functioning accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting.

This system was created in order to purify water that comes from a well, stream or lake. BWRO systems are responsible for purifying brackish water. Brackish water does not contain as much salt as seawater, however, it is not pure enough to consume either. Reverses osmosis is used to purify the water by removing salt and other sediments. Water has a natural tendency to progress toward higher salinity content. This desire is referred to as “osmosis”. Unfortunately, the higher salinity is what makes water impure. Reverse osmosis systems counter water’s natural tendency by applying more pressure then used in the process of osmosis. This then pushes water toward lower salinity content. Water is fed through a semipermeable membrane, which only allows water through and catches excess salt and sediment. These impurities are continued through a tube separate from the now pure water and disposed of.

Country: Ecuador.

System: Industrial Reverse Osmosis.

Flow Rate: 87,000GPD; 3,000 PPM TDS.

Components & Brand:
- Reverse Osmosis RO-400 series
- Microprocessor control panel with ORP
- Flow meters
- Pressue Gauges
- Chemical dosing
- Ground water feed

Date: December 2013

System Overview




A major company


To remove hardness, chlorine, and to lower TDS

Water Source:

Borehole well

Feed TDS:

3,000 ppm


87,000 GPD


Dechlorinating chemical injection, antiscalant chemical injection


Flow meters, conductivity meter, pressure gauges, high and low pressure switches

Control System:

Microprocessor control panel with ORP monitor














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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment Ecuador 87,000 GPD | 01:24

Pure Aqua designs complete water filtration systems as well as industrial reverse osmosis equipment. Industrial reverse osmosis equipment was shipped to a major company in Ecuador. The reverse osmosis equipment was selected from our RO-400 series, and is pre-treated with dechlorination chemicals and an antiscalant chemical. The system with pretreatment is capable of producing 87,000 gallons per day of clean, purified product. For more information, click here:

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