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Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Unit 144,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

In July 2008, Pure Aqua successfully supplied Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) system to produce 144,000 GPD of product at 77°F using (20) 8"x40" Hydranautics ESPA1 membrane elements, (4) 5M FRP pressure vessels, SS multistage Grundfos CRN pump, microprocessor based controls and a digital conductivity and ORP read out, 460V/3ph/60Hz.


Pre-treatment of raw water includes antiscalant dosing to minimize the precipitation of sparingly soluble sulfate salts, sodium bisulfite (SBS) dosing to remove free chlorine in the feed water.

The Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis system was selected from our RO-400 Series. BWRO unit consists of 5-micron cartridge filters to reduce feed water Silt Density Index (SDI) and to limit the SS to 5-micron size.


From a feed TDS of about 1,000 mg/L at a temperature range of 19°C and 27°C, the BWRO skid produces 100gpm of drinking water with TDS less than 50mg/L.







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Pure Aqua, Inc. is specialized in designing & manufacturing commercial & industrial reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment and purification systems. Our engineers design & build customized water treatment & purification systems including water softeners, waste water treatment, RO water filtration, UV water purification, reverse osmosis plants, brackish & tap water reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems, nanofiltration systems, ultrafiltration systems, RO cleaning skids, cartridge filters housing, deionizers, containerized equipment, electrodeionization units, UV sterilizers, and chemical dosing. All our systems are engineered & manufactured in The USA. For more information, please visit the following pages: - Water Treatment Products: - Seawater RO Systems: - Industrial reverse osmosis systems: - Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems BWRO - Industrial & Commercial:

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