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Hydranautics 8" Seawater Membranes

Hydranautics seawater membranes continuously meet and satisfy the increasing demands of the water purification industry through their high productivity, outstanding performance, salt rejection, productivity, and savings. These membranes set high performance standards for the seawater reverse osmosis membrane elements which deliver the highest salt rejection rates available. They can range in different sized elements, delivering the highest levels of salt rejection and an always pure end product. They are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance.

Hydranautics seawater membranes lower fouling in waste and surface water while having a high fouling potential for reuse and reclaimed applications. These seawater membranes offer superior membrane technology to lower membrane fouling and treatments to treat difficult feed and municipal wastewater. To this point, these applications have significantly required a pretreatment before exposing them to a composite polyamide membrane. These membranes are manufactured with a thicker brine spacer which reduces the Delta P, meeting the increased demand for reduced fouling membranes. This permits a lesser need for frequent cleanings while maintaining a high permeate flow.


  • High Rejection

  • Low Feed Pressure

  • Minimal Energy Consumption

Pure Aqua supplies Hydranautic 8” seawater reverse osmosis membranes, which are the most advanced products of its kind in the industry. These SWC membranes function at extremely low pressures that make them even more cost-effective than other low pressure seawater membranes on the market. In addition, SWC membranes are designed to generate high purity permeate. These features were groundbreaking in the seawater desalination industry since seawater consumers are finally able to obtain low pressure and high purity permeate.

The advancements made by SWC elements can be attributed to the refinement of its membrane’s chemistry, manufacturing automation, and the incorporation of highly efficiency element materials. The exceptional components of these membranes allow them to accomplish low energy operations while still delivering over 99% salt rejection rates.

With the incorporation of first-rate energy devices, SWC membranes will produce high quality permeate at with the lowest energy consumption capable with seawater reverse osmosis systems. As these products accomplish such high quality SWRO product water, the SWC membrane creates the needed permeate with a single-pass reverse osmosis system. This process will end up saving a great deal of operating and cost expenses.

The demand of low pressure seawater membranes has dramatically risen in the last decade, and the desalination industry is responding with a growing number of large-scale desalination projects under development. The shift toward a more economical solution for these large industrial water treatment systems has changed the entire landscape of the industry. Cost-efficiency is now the greatest determining factor companies bidding on these projects, and that is what our SWC membranes have been designed to accommodate for. Pure Aqua recognizes the importance of quality permeability and effective salt rejection, and that it is a successful combination for water treatment plants.

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