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Flint and Walling Booster Pumps

Pumps designed to increase water pressure from city mains or private water systems.

The Pressure Booster Pump is designed to increase water pressure from city mains or private water systems. Applications include pressure cleaning, spray or mist systems, jockey pumps, booster service, reverse osmosis, water circulation and general purpose pumping.

Flint and walling booster pumps are available within our selections to improve the efficiency in underground water pumping in industrial and commercial applications. Our booster pumps are designed to accelerate the water pressure from municipal and reverse osmosis & water treatment systems, including cleaning and cooling down materials, spraying insecticides, etc.

These booster pumps can pressure-wash buildings, and pump water from reservoirs and other water sources such as ponds to guarantee efficient operation of treatment equipment. All Flint and Walling boosting pumps consist of dual-voltage motors with protected ball bearings and are applicable for reverse osmosis, water circulation, pressure boosting, pressure cleaning, steam systems, evaporative cooling, etc.

Concise design and soundless operation allow these booster pumps to be suitable for many applications. Stainless steel bearings and shaft sleeves, including an automated built-in diagnostic tool which protects the pumps against occurrences such as:

  • Dead Head
  • Run Dry
  • Rapid Cycling
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