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Containerized Carbon Filtration System 520 GPM - USA

Product Description

A containerized carbon filtration system was designed for a mine in the northern United States. The system was designed with five industrial carbon filtration tanks inside a heated storage container. The unit was designed to produce 520 GPM of high-quality purified product. The tanks were selected from our MF-1000 series. From its initial start-up, the machine has been functioning properly with minimal trouble-shooting.

The system works by forcing water through a media (this can be sand, gravel, carbon shavings, or even specialty media like anthracite or calcite), the particle contaminants become attracted to the media and literally stick to it, leaving purified water free to flow out of the system. Activated carbon specifically is designed for removing unwanted color, taste, or odor from water. It is also good at removing chlorine from disinfected water, making it very popular in drinking water applications. After the media has accumulated enough contaminants, the tank must go through a backwash cycle, where water is pushed backwards through the media, loosening it up and enabling it to continue operating normally and efficiently. Eventually, backwash will no longer be effective and the media will need to be replaced.

Country: United States.

System/Product: Contanerized Filtration System.

Flow Rate: 520 GPM.

Components & Brands:
- Carbon tanks MF-1000 series 

Date: December 2013














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Pure Aqua| Containerized Carbon Filtration System USA 520 GPM 01:14

Pure Aqua designs complete water filtration systems as well as containerized carbon filtration systems. A containerized carbon filtration system was custom-made for a mine in the northern United States. The heated container holds five multimedia filtration tanks, each selected from our MF-1000 series, and is capable of producing 520 GPM of clean, potable water. The system is controlled by an advanced PLC, enabling each tank to start its own backwash cycle independently of the other four tanks. For more information, click here:

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