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Clack Centaur Filtration Media

Product Description

Centaur NDS 12x40 is unique in that it concentrates reactants via absorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores. Centaur NDS 12x40 is a low water-soluble ash product ideally suited for devices requiring certifications under the rigid standards of ANSI/NSF. Centaur NDS 12x40 is component listed under NSF Standard 42.

Iodine Number 900 mg/g (min)
Acid Soluble Iron by Weight 0.01% (max)
Moisture, as packed by weight 3% (max)
Abrasion Number 75 (min)
Extractable pH 5-8
Screen Size by weight, US Sieve Series
On 12 mesh 5.0% (max)
Through 40 mesh 4.0% (max)
Catalytic activity Smaller system size; low capital requirements
Not impregnated No safety concerns with exotherms or toxicity
Improved trace organic capacity More capacity per unit volume; lower use rates
High hardness Reduced fines and handling losses
Works at low oxidant levels Wide applicability; can eliminate chemical addition
Simply equipment design Reliable; handles spikes in concentration; no metering of chemicals
Reduced carbon requirements Reduces operating costs
Enhanced performance Achieves greater degree of contaminant removal at reduced costs
Low water soluble ash content Ideal for certification under ANSI/NSF test protocols
Reduces leachable metals relative to standard activated carbons

Centaur NDS 12x40 can be used in water treatment applications for the promotion of several types of reactions. Specific applications inlude chloramine and hydrogen sulfide removal from potable waters. Centaur NDS 12x40 can be used in applications such as POU water filters and dialysis water treatment. Centaur NDS 12x40 is intended for use in liquid phase applications where maximizing the rate of catalytic reaction is desired. The carbon can be used in a fexed bed mode with contact times typically between 1 and 5 minutes depending on the application.

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