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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plant for Beverages 260,000 GPD - Nicaragua

Product Description

Overview: This brackish water reverse osmosis plant was designed to reduce conductivity from well water for beverage production in Nicaragua.

Industry: Beverage Production

Water Concern: Water is a central ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Aside from being a part of the product, water is used for cleaning equipment and appliances to ensure cleanliness of the entire process. As a matter of fact, the quality of the product i.e. beverage or food is very much contingent on the quality of water provided. With water supplied from a well, conductivity and other harmful parameters are generally present and can hinder consistent quality of the beverage. Taste and consistency are both valuable measures that increase product operation and sales. Conductivity in particular directly effects the taste and quality of the product and therefore must be filtered to remove.

Applied Solution: This brackish water reverse osmosis plant was recommended to this beverage company to reduce conductivity from well water. The process begins with feeding the well water into a lime softening system to reduce the hardness of the water. Proceeding is a sand filtration system which will reduce the level of suspended solids. The water is then passed through a carbon filter which removes the taste, odor, and chlorine present. Next, a 5” micron cartridge filter is used to remove suspended solids prior to entering the RO system. Finally, the reverse osmosis system removes the remaining contaminants to supply purified water for beverage production. 


This plant included a RO system model #TW-270K-8580 from our RO-500 Series.



· (8) FRP pressure vessels Protec rated at 300 PSI

· (40) 8" TFC spiral wound membranes (Hydranautics ESPA2-LD)

· GF conductivity sensor on product line

· Low- & high-pressure switches

· (2) Paddlewheel Flow meters for reject and product line

· High pressure pump Grundfos CRN45

· 5-micron pre-filter with SS housing (SSC-66-316)

· PLC control panel (Siemens S7-1200)

.Cleaning skid for 8” membranes model CS8-2



This industrial RO plant was designed to reduce the conductivity for beverage application in Nicaragua.


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Well Water Reverse Osmosis Equipment Nicaragua 260,000 GPD | 02:34

Reverse Osmosis is an ideal water treatment solution in most types of water. Generally speaking. RO Systems from Pure Aqua, Inc. deliver high performance at low life-cycle costs, saving on energy and increasing proficiency. Our pre-engineered systems are manufactured and built with high quality components designed specifically for water purification. Features • Codeline Pressure Vessels • Epoxy Coated Skid • Grundfos High Pressure pump • Digital Flow Meters • 5 Micron SS Filter Housing • High Rejection Membranes, ESPA2-LD • Advanced PLC Controller with HMI screen • SCH 80 PVC Low Pressure Piping • SS316 High Pressure Piping • Cleaning System • Chemical Dosing Systems For more information, please visit our website:

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