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Aquafine UV



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Aquafine UV

As the quality of water throughout the world continues to diminish in access, the market for fresh and potable water production increases. This need for ultra pure water grows in importance as the wealth and size of the population of the world rapidly elevates. Water treatment systems such as Aquafine UV disinfection units are relied upon to provide the public with environmentally safe and fresh products in the future. The growth in wealth leads to advancements in new products with better capability to satisfy consumer’s demands. However, many of these water purification products require a pure and stable water supply. Aquafine utilizes its extensive background in the conception and manufacturing of UV products and applications to provide unmatched ultraviolet light water treatment solutions. 

Aquafine Corporation was formed in Los Angeles County during the late 1940’s and soon became recognized as the leading ultraviolet light disinfection manufacturing company worldwide. Aquafine utilizes its ultramodern apparatus uv light sterilizers to grant its modern UV water purification systems to fulfill the evolving conditions and requirements of a diversified consumer base around the world. These products provide the following benefits such as 2 years extended warranty, high flow rate and high dosages which increases the performance of the UV lamp. Aquafine’s first-rate ultraviolet light water treatment solutions are used for ozone treatment, chlorine, TOC reduction in applications such as the ones listed below:


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