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From watermakers to industrial sized Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems, we offer a full range of sea water reverse osmosis systems.


Seawater reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to eliminate a large amount of salts and other minerals from sea water using a method called reverse osmosis. The method of reverse osmosis consists of employing a high pressure pump to add high pressure to salty water forcing it through semi-porous membranes denying salts and other organics from flowing through. The ocean’s specific TDS and its temperature indicated the amount of pressure that needs to be added. The membranes are only tasked to remove dissolved solids while dividing the feed water into purified water and rejected concentrated salts.  The salts and other organics are thrown into the brine stream then flushed into a drain. At the end we have purified water that has 99% less dissolved salts. These sea water reverse osmosis systems have the power to purify extremely high TDS water.

Industrial Sea Water Reverse Osmosis SWI Series

8,000 to 500,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure Aqua manufactures a full line of industrial sea water reverse osmosis systems designed for heavy or continuous service in marine applications on and off-shore. Our SWI Series is av....more->


Commercial Sea Water Reverse Osmosis SWC Series

380 to 7600 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commmercial sea water reverse osmosis systems by Pure Aqua are available for continuous or heavy-duty marine applications on and off shore. Our SWC Series is designed with capacities ra....more->

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Sea water reverse osmosis systems are scalable from Yachts to Municipalities). These systems should be manufactured with a proper process design, and its important to choose the correct materials of construction to handle seawater which is highly corrosive. Pure Aqua, Inc. uses materials such as Duplex SS 2205, or SS 2207 or Monel, and SS 904.  Choosing the proper material of construction guarantees a longer operating life and less maintenance. Pure Aqua Inc. supplies a full range of commercial and industrial sea water reverse osmosis systems, customized to the end user’s specific requirements.   Pure Aqua, Inc.’s team has 90+ years of combined experience in the sea water reverse osmosis industry.


Pure Aqua Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems features advanced and high rejection Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. Pure Aqua designs are state-of-the-art, optimizing efficiency, reliability, product water quality, and overall low cost per unit of water.


All of our systems are engineered and made in USA.

Pure Aqua, Inc. has extensive experience desalting seawater all around the world.

Pure Aqua engineers consult for other manufacturers of desalination equipment. Take advantage of our expertise. Contact Pure Aqua, Inc. today for expert, friendly service and top quality support.