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Frp filter tanks or fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks are used in a wide range of applications, from municipal water to sea water, from pre-filtration to post-filtration. Pure Aqua stocks a large quantity of frp tanks to accommodate residential, commercial and large industrial applications. We understand that each water source is different and unique and we want to accommodate those unique demands of our customers. Pure Aqua's line of frp tanks are easy to handle and install, our frp tanks are available in frp, standard polyester or chemical-resistant vinyl ester construction depending on your needs. Pure Aqua frp tanks absolutely will not and cannot rust and requires little or no maintenance making these a perfect solution for harsh and corrosive conditions.

Structural Composite Vessels

Structural Composite Vessels

The non-corrosive, cost-effective solution for commercial/industrial water treatment and storage. Structural Composite Pressure Vessels offerfiberglass construction for outstanding perf....more->


Parks Fiberglass Water Tanks

FRP tanks

Please be advised that this product has been discontinued and is only here as a redirect toStructural Composite Vessels. Pure Aqua offers high quality fiberglass water tanks (FRP tanks)....more->


Pure Aqua’s filter tanks offer fiberglass construction with polyethylene inner shell for outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environments. The non-destructive, cost-effective solution for commercial/industrial water treatment and storage. Each filter tank is 100% factory pressure tested as well as quality inspected before leaving. Frp tanks have secure bases and are available in many different configurations depending on your application and space requirements.