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Pure Aqua manufactures reliable liquid mixers for a variety of applications. Designed for ease of installation with a wide variety of mounts, motor selections, mixing elements and many installation-enhancing accessories. Whether you are blending liquids, suspending or dissolving solids, there is a dependable Pure Aqua Mixer for every job.


High speed mixers are industrial chemical batch mixers that are dependable, rugged, and manufactured for convenient chemical batching applications. These mixers are factory prewired, feature a 316 stainless steel shaft, claim various horse power selections, and have four standard mounting configurations: clamp, bracket, flange, and thread.

The clamp mount delivers a convenient approach of attaching a mixer to a vertical surface or providing support to the side wall of a tank or drum. Clamp mounts are time savers since no drilling or extra mixer support is required. They are also portable and capable of being easily transferred from one tank or drum to another.

The bracket mount mixer delivers away of mounting a mixer to a tank cover or other flat surface.
Four 18/8 stainless steel bolts and two rugged 3/8” thick steel brackets are used to hold the mixer securely in place with no need for additional mixer support. It is made of steel with a corrosion resistant coating and all fasteners are 18/8 stainless steel.

The flange mount mixer delivers a convenient and economical means for mounting small mixers. This mixer is directly mounted to the tank cover or other flat surface removing the need for extra mixer support. They are available with 1/3 HP, 115V, open and 1/20 HP, 115V or 230V, ODP or TEFC motors.

The thread mount mixer is tasked with mounting smaller mixers onto tanks or drums with a bung hole in the cover. This mixer consists of a 2” nipple which screws directly into a standard bung, cutting labor and cost by removing the need for drilling mount holes or having additional mixer support.