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Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and assemble complete ozone generators and water ozonation system for commercial  water treatment purposes. Applications range from treating swimming pool water to food processing water and bottling applications.

Ozonation is a water treatment method that is tasked with killing bacteria and other microorganisms through an ozone infusion. Ozonation claims many advantages such as  enhancing the quality of water, effectively kills viruses and bacteria, decreases the formation of chlorinated disinfection byproducts, enhances taste and odor control in water supply.

Microzone Ozone Generators

The Microzone series family of ozone generators are easy to install and maintain. They are wall-mounted, require no air preparation, and are designed to operate in a wide range of envir....more->


HDO3 High-Dissolved Ozone Generators

Pure Aqua Inc. offers the HDO3 series of clean-in-place (CIP) sanitation systems for surface cleaning and disinfection with the strength of ozone, nature’s powerful sanitizer. Ozo....more->


Mini Series Ozone Generators

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available, up to 1.5 times stronger and many times faster acting than chlorine, and is unmatched as a disinfectant. Unlike traditional a....more->


Apex Ozone Generators

We took our most popular ozone generators and combined them with all the ancillary components that make up the perfect system. The Apex series from Pure Aqua Inc. is designed to make or....more->


Apex Ae Ozone Generators

Pure Aqua’s Apex Ae Series are the most advanced fully integrated ozone package ever designed. With a built-in oxygen concentrator, backflow prevention and automatic controls, you....more->


Skid-Mounted Ozone Generators

Pure Aqua’s family of skid-mounted ozone generators are fully-integrated systems that provide ozone output ranges from 1.3 to 20 grams per hour and can handle the toughest water t....more->


Wall-Mounted Ozone Generators

Pure Aqua’s family of wall-mounted ozone systems are sized to meet any water treatment demand. These units set the standard for the highest ozone ouptut in an air-cooled unit. No ....more->


Ozonation also has the power to eliminate solids from wastewater by oxidation and physical floatation, increase pH, and reduce color and turbidity. Ozonation is used by many applications such as drinking water treatment, swimming pools, and beverage bottling companies. Ozonation has been found as an approved technology for drinking water treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has been extensively recognized as an effective method of treating drinking water to enhance taste and safety for municipalities, small communities, and residences. This strong disinfectant has been approved for potable water treatment with strong capabilities of killing bacteria, viruses, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Swimming pool owners have recognized the benefits of ozonation because it destroys bacteria, viruses and other water-borne contaminants up to 3100 times quicker than chlorine without generating any odor, burning eyes or hazardous by-products associated with harsh chemicals. Beverage bottling companies have used ozonation as a residual disinfectant for bottled water for many years. Its sanitizing accomplishment has prompted the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) to require the use of ozonation in certain types of bottled water. Ozonation is used in the preparation of bottled water, surface sanitation, container rinsing, and water preservation. Ozonation is also used in applications that include the removal of pesticide, organic and inorganic compounds, the improvement of the flocculation/coagulation decantation process, and the elimination of taste and odor.