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Sub Title: Mixed Bed Deionizers MBDI Series

Engineered for large-sized deionization (DI) applications, these dependable units feature precision electronics and performance components.

SKU: MBDI Category: Ion Exchange Systems > Water Deionizers Brand: Pure Aqua Other Names: Mixed Bed DI System, Stainless Steel MB Ion Exchange Unit, MB Polisher Machine, Mixed Bed De Ionization System

Mixed Bed Deionizers MBDI Series

Ion Exchange can be defined as a reversible exchange of ions between a solid (resin) and a liquid containing dissolved ions. Mineral salts are comprised of cations and anions. Since deionization requires the removal of all ions, both the negatively charged anions and positively charged cations, minerals capable of attracting both are required. These materials are known as anion and cation exchange resins.

Pure Aqua Deionizers are fixed bed systems in which ion exchange resins are contained in pressure vessels. The water is then forced through the resin. After a service run, the resin becomes exhausted and unable to remove additional ions so it must be regenerated with strong acid and base solutions to restore its ion exchange capacity.

Model # Nominal
Service Flow
Rate (GPM)
Tank Size
Resin Qty.
Average Peak Cation Anion
MB18-PVN/m9060 75,00 18 27 2" 18"x108" 3 4
MB24-PVN/M9065 140,000 31 47 2" 24"x108" 5 8
MB30-PVN/m9070 225,000 50 75 2" 30"x108" 8 12
MB36-PVN/M9075 340,000 70 105 2" 36"x108" 12 18
MB42-PVN/M9080 450,000 100 145 3" 42"x108" 16 24
MB48-PVN/M9085 650,000 125 190 3" 48"x108" 22 33
MB54-PVN 780,000 159 241 3" 54"x108" 28 42
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Standard Features:
Available Options:
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic operation. Automatic regeneration when water quality falls below pre-set limit or after manual initiation.
  • Constant monitoring of water quality
  • Solid-state reliability PLC control for trouble-free service
  • No untreated by-pass water
  • Alternate regeneration water source piping - standard
  • Automatic shut down in the event of power failure
  • Two-stage air mix standard
  • Compact, non-corrosive components
  • Steel tanks with rubber lining
  • Convenient, modular construction
  • Easy, economical installation
  • Optional recirculation pumps
  • Simultaneous regeneration and chemical displacement
  • Brine kill option available for high purity systems
  • Programmable purge prior to regeneration
  • 12 volt operation (120V/60hz/1pH transformer included)
  • Regeneration chemical tanks (hydrochloric acid & sodium hydroxide)
  • Insulated/heated clearwell
  • Drain neutralization system making it possible to discharge chemicals into sewer network
  • Heating system for sodium hydroxide
  • Air compressor
  • Sound or light alarms for end-of-cycle notifications
  • Brine kill for high purity systems
  • 220V/1Ph/50Hz power supply

Pure Aqua Deionizers are often used in applications requiring very high water quality, usually as polishers after reverse osmosis. Many industries use DI systems:
  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Plating
  • Electro deposition
  • Printing
  • Testing and materials
  • Research and development
  • Glassware rinse
  • Hospitals/Medical facilities
  • Vehicle washes
  • Film processing
  • Ice plants
  • Horticulture/Greenhouse
  • Food/Beverage processing
  • Cosmetics
  • Metalworking lubricants
  • Glass/Mirror
  • Boiler feed
  • Humidification control

Video on Mixed Bed Deionizers Kuwait

Two Mixed Bed Deionizers were included with industrial steel multi-media filters and twin alternating water softener, manufactured for a major company in Kuwait. The MBDI includes 30" steel tanks with rubber lining, solid-state reliability PLC control for trouble-free service, and Automatic regeneration when water quality falls. ..more->