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Sub Title: Extra Internal Volume for Better Performance

Rusco Sediment Trapper® filters provide the same advantages as other Rusco models, along with extra internal volume to handle exceptionally high amount of sediment.

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Rusco Sediment Trapper Filters

Sediment Filters are highly flexible filters designed to be utilized in a wide variety of applications. From household well water systems, geothermal heating, or lawn and turf, all the way to factories, livestock feeding systems, or advanced liquid cooling systems, Rusco filters have been providing the industry leading sediment filtration solution since 1977.

Model Flow Capacity Max Pressure Dimensions Port Size
3/4" Sediment Trapper Filter 1-25GPM 150 PSI 14-3/8"Lx5"W 3/4" FPT
1" Sediment Trapper Filter 1-25GPM 150 PSI 14-3/8"Lx5"W 1" Slip
1.5" Sediment Trapper Filter 10-50GPM 150 PSI 15-3/8"Lx5-1/4"W 1.5" Slip
2" Sediment Trapper Filter 18-100GPM 150 PSI 17-7/8"Lx5-1/2"W 2" Slip

Spin-DownTM Sediment Trapper Filters
  • Unique element design traps sediment in lower reservoir of clear cover.
  • Clear bowl easily removed for total cleaning.
  • No tools required* (*Using tools voids warranty)
  • Sediment visible indicating need for cleaning.
  • Ball valve allows for quick sediment removal from bottom of cover.
  • Centrifuge Spin-Down type sediment separation
  • Reusable, replaceable polyester & stainless steel filter screens
  • No down time!

The ideal applications for Rusco Sediment Trapper Filters include:
  • Landscaping
  • Drinking water
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Greenhouses
  • Drip Irrigation