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In June of 2014, a collection of portable multimedia filters are being prepared to be shipped to a major company in Kuwait. There are eleven identical systems and a duplex model in the whole shipment, and they are all designed to filter well water at a rate of twenty-four gallons per minute. The systems will reduce turbidity and suspended solids, reducing the presence of common contaminants like soil, silt, sand, and clay. The duplex system will be able to alternate between tanks ....more

Two water filters were completed for a major company in Jordan. They are scheduled to be shipped in June of 2014. Each system beings with a portable spin-down filter, which removes particulate larger than one hundred forty microns. It then moves to a multi-media filter, which removes oil and additional particulate that made it through the spin-down filter. Then there is an oil-absorbent filter and an activated carbon filter, which dramatically improves the palatability of the wate....more

In June of 2014, two identical twin alternating water softeners were completed for a major company in Saudi Arabia. They are each designed to treat municipal tap water at a rate of one hundred eighty-five gallons per minute. Water softeners treat hardness in water, which is caused by metallic ions, using a high quality filter resin. Metallic ions are often deposited by metals from old pipes or certain kinds of stone. Eventually, the resin must be recharged, and the water softener ....more

A reverse osmosis water purification system is being prepared to ship in June of 2014. The system produces high quality product water at a rate of forty-three thousand gallons per day with a total dissolved solids of five to ten PPM. The system, designed for a well in Mexico, draws intake water of no more than one thousand PPM TDS.  The reverse osmosis system comes standard with a five micron cartridge filter to prevent any large particulate from damaging the membranes. The e....more

A steel water softener was completed for a major company in the United States. It is scheduled to ship in June of 2014.  The softener will produce high quality water at a rate of approximately eighty gallons per minute. Water softeners eliminate hardness, which refers to a number of metallic ions that can be deposited by metal pipes and certain kinds of stone. Hard water is known to have poor palatability, and can erode finished surfaces. A water softener uses a material call....more