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Skid Mounted UF System 26,000 GPD - Australia

Product Description

Application: Recycled TSE treatment

Water Challenges: Treated sewage effluent (TSE) is a growing alternative to freshwater production for industrial, agricultural, and domestic use since the availability of natural water sources are increasingly diminishing. Conserving water and sustaining water supplies is made possible through the reuse of TSE. In order to reuse sewage water, there must be a complete purification process made for the untreated water to undergo. One of the first stages of the process is called ultrafiltration, which is used for pretreatment, and targets the total suspended solids (TSS) and resulting turbidity in the water. By removing these contaminants, the water will be thoroughly treated before being sent to other advanced water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis for further purification.

Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied an ultrafiltration treatment system for drinking water application in Australia, the purpose of this plant is to reduce total suspended solids and turbidity. Filtrate flow is 30,000 GPD,

Pure Aqua, Inc. provides well-engineered mobile and containerized RO and UF systems that are affordable, plug-and-play solution that can be commissioned and start producing water in less than 10 weeks after the need is initiated.

This system in particular included all required pre and post treatment, such as pre chlorination, automatic multi media filter, chemically enhanced backwash systems, VFD, coagulation dosing system, turbidity meter and post chlorination dosing system along with advanced PLC control panel and other accessories to make the system complete.

DOW FILMTEC SFD-2860 Ultrafiltration Modules were used in this ultrafiltration containerized plant.

The UF water treatment system was fitted in an ISO 20ft container with insulation, lighting, AC unit and all interconnecting piping and wiring.

The containerized UF system met all customer’s requirements and provided a fresh water to the hotel.


This is model UF-2 from our UF Series.

  • Chemical Injection
  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • PLC Controlled
  • Chlorine Injection
  • Backwash
  • 85% Removal Of Organics
  • Produce 26,000 GPD
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Skid Mounted UF System Australia 26,000 GPD | 01:55

Pure Aqua, Inc. fabricated and shipped a skid mounted UF system to a major company in Australia. This system was intended to treat clarified sewage water. It included chemical injections, multimedia filtration, and ultrafiltration. The entire system was designed to produce 26,000 GPD of high quality product. For more information click here:

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