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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Equatorial Guinea


Equatorial Guinea is a nation of about 1.36 million people in western Africa, composed of a mainland portion between Cameroon and Gabon, plus five inhabited islands. It is one of the smallest countries on the African continent.

The terrain of Equatorial Guinea is coastal plains which rise to interior hills on the mainland. The islands are volcanic. The insular and continental regions are widely separated.

Major environmental issues include:

  • Tap water is not potable
  • Deforestation

The World Bank reports that at least 80 countries have water shortages and 2 billion people lack access to clean water. More disturbingly, the World Health Organization has reported that 1 billion people lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs, unfortunately in many countries water is scarce or contaminated.

Pure Aqua provides wide range of filtration and economical solutions based on the Equatorial Guinea’s water resources.

Equatorial Guinea’s main water resources are:

  • Surface water “is water from river, rain water, lake or fresh water wetland, which can be treated using different methods, such as Ultrafiltration Systems, Media Water Filters, Brackish Water RO.
  • Desalination can be used for water from the ocean, or sea source, which can be treated using Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems; Desalination Systems
  • Ground Water or brackish water is from water located in the pore space of soil and rock “Borehole well”, which can be treated using Reverse Osmosis Systems, Media Water Filters, Chemical Dosing, UV Sterilizers.
  • Government water supply, which could have a high level of hardness or high level of chlorine, can be treated with Water Softeners, Media Water Filters

Pure Aqua manufactures water treatment systems that meet the World Health Organization requirements.

Water challenges in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea does not possess any fresh and potable water sources throughout the land mass. The country’s water quality has been ranked as one of the lowest in the African region, which is in itself one of the poorest throughout the world. To make matters worse, it is up to the impoverished to contribute the most in the low water production, while they remain having the least access to any clean water. This insufficient access to uncontaminated water and sanitation enhances the probability of widespread pollution and health risks for the people, specifically young children. 

Pure Aqua water treatment solutions
Pure Aqua provides a wide variety of water treatment projects to improve the conditions of the Equatorial Guinea population. Our projects are designed to supply ultra pure water to the masses with the hopes of developing a healthy and refurbished community and infrastructure.



Completed Water Purification Projects for Equatorial Guinea:

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