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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Cocos (Keeling) Islands


The Cocos Islands (or Keeling Islands) (Keeling) are a group of 27 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Indonesia (1000 km southwest of western Java), about halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka.
The islands are home to about 600 people.
There are actually two separate island groups: 1.1 km2 North Keeling Island is about 25 km north of the main horseshoe-shaped atoll.
The islands are thickly covered with coconut palms and other vegetation.

Freshwater resources are limited to rainwater accumulations in natural underground reservoirs.

Climate: tropical with high humidity, moderated by the southeast trade winds for about nine months of the year

Ecology and Biodiversity 
While almost all natural forests in the Cocos southern atoll have been replaced with coconut plantation or other introduced species, the vegetation on North Keeling Island remains fairly intact and is probably representative of the flora that used to exist throughout the island group. Pisonia grandis forest up to 25 m tall dominates sheltered areas with low numbers of Laportea aestuans, Canavalia cathartica, and Erythrina variegata.



Completed Water Purification Projects for Cocos (Keeling) Islands:

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