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Residential UV Sterilizer UVR

Product Description

The Ultra Violet light ray penetrates the outer membrane of the bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and algae, and it destroys the DNA that is responsible for the reproduction and survival of the organisms. Safer, healthier water has never been easier.

The high germicidal output assures 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses…without leaving any harmful residues in the treated water. The design of the UVR series makes it very manageable for installation and maintenance. Only a small screwdriver is required for annual lamp replacement.

Residential UV Sterilizer UVR
Model No.UVR-3UVR-4
Flow Rate (gpm) 1 1
Working Pressure (psi) 15-100 15-100
Working Temperature 32°F-104°F 32°F-104°F
Number of Stages 3 4
Stage 1 1 Micron Sediment  1 Micron Sediment 
Stage 2 Carbon Block  Carbon Block 
Stage 3 UV UV
Stage 4 N/A 0.35 Micron
In/Out Connection 1/4" 1/4"
Total Lamp Wattage 6W 6W
Dimensions (Inch) 18X16X8 18X20X9
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 13 14
For more information, please view/download our "Data Sheet"
Residential UV Sterilizer UVR

Standard Features:

Available Options:

  • 1 gallon per minute output

  • 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses

  • 1 micron sediment pre-filter

  • CBC-10 carbon block filter

  • 115V/1Ph/60Hz ballast

  • Easy installation and compact design

  • 0.35 micron pleated sediment filter on UVR-4

  • Unit includes an attractive long reach faucet, feed adapter, and spanner wrench

  • Units with RO membranes

  • Colored, or designer faucets

  • Filter housings are also available in clear,black, blue, and almond

  • Flow meters

  • Self piercing saddle valve

  • Private labeling


The ideal applications for a UV Sterilizer include:

  • Mobile Homes

  • Boats

  • Hydroponics

  • Cottages

  • Laboratories

  • Aquarium

  • Rural Homes

  • Dairy

[custom-documents]Residential UV Sterilizer Data Sheet [/custom-documents]
Available Models
Product Features
Product Documents & Data Sheets
Product Videos
Pure Aqua| Commercial Reverse Osmosis Jordan 3,000 GPD 01:38

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to commercial reverse osmosis systems. In July 2013, this commercial reverse osmosis system was shipped to the Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan. The system came complete with pre and post treatment consisting of multimedia and activated carbon filters, water softener and a UV sterilizer. The machine was designed to produce 3,000 GPD at a feed up to 700 PPM TDS. The TW-3.0K-240 was selected from our RO-200 series.

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