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Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder pumps became the leading dosing pump technology and diaphragm through the usage of the latest technology and solutions in the market. or over 75 years, Pulsafeeder Engineered Products continues to be a leader in diaphragm and dosing pump technologies. WIth an extensive background in a wide variety of chemical dosing applications, Pulsafeeder pumps have been produced to solve various needs throughout the world. Pure Aqua supplies these pumps with an understanding that each chemical consists of its own unique set of responsibilities that must be factored. Pulsafeeder has provided dosing pumps that have met and surpassed industry standards of dependability, safety, and accuracy. Our chemical feed pumps are constructed for durability, and continuous performance through harsh environments. Pulasafeeder’s dedication to the manufacturing of first-rate dosing pumps is exemplified in our certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.

Industrial Construction

Our fin cooled Solenoid enclosure dissipates heat ensuring that the pressure handling capability of the pump can be maintained. The thermally protected Solenoid protects the pump from seizing up in extreme heat conditions with an automatic reset feature allowing the pump to resume operation up on cool-down. All PULSAtrons are tested and rated under hot conditions guaranteeing that the flow and pressure ratings meet the specifications. There are no standards when it comes to the type of chemicals our pumps may encounter. We offer a variety of wet-end materials that the customer can choose from.  Every pump is configured to order with the customer designated wet-end materials that match the chemical requirements of the target application.

PULSAtron Series Product Scope

  • Flows to 600 gpd (94.6 lph)

  • Pressures to 300 psi (21 bar)

  • Temperatures to 150° F (66° C)

  • Viscosities to 20,000 cps

Application Expertise
After more than 10 years of product evolution, the PULSAtron standard continues to set the pace with the DG/5FV degas valve, PULSAtron can successfully handle a variety of gaseous solutions. The PULSAtron family consists of seven unique Series with 78 flow and pressure envelops to choose. Most models include our standard Bleed Valve assembly, foot strainer, injection valve and tubing. No matter what your application, choose the PULSAtron that is right for you.

Pulasfeeder has been a leader in fluid metering technology for over 75 years. The Pulsafeeder team  with extensions in multiple major applications, which include:

  • Water treatment for heat transfer
  • Water conditioning
  • Municipal
  • Agricultural
  • Pool & Spa 
  • Car Wash Market

How to prime a pulsafeeder pump?

To ready your pump for operation, you must first prime it. 

  • First, open the bleed valve by turning the knob counterclockwise to fall open and allow any air or liquid in the pump to be reverted back to the chemical tank, which allows the pump to prime more easily. 
  • Next, start the pump by plugging it into the standard outlet and if the unit is equipped with a hand off auto switch, then place that into the hand position to manually run the pump
  • When the pump begins running, adjust the stroke length knob to the 100% 
  • Also be sure the stroke frequency knob is set to 100% to ensure the quickest timing of the pump
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