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Protec Pressure Vessels

We understand that these products are expected to last the entire life of the RO system. In order to help ensure the life of the pressure vessel, we have selected the best materials and use the best fabrication methods available in the manufacturing of our products. When you select PROTEC™ products, here are some of the benefits you receive:

Operational Excellence and First Time Quality
Allowing Protec Arisawa to meet the highest level of quality, scheduled shipments and other customer expectations. 

Leak Free Reliability
PROTEC™ pressure vessels are tested as an assembly including the specific heads that will be shipped with each vessel. This attention to detail allows us to claim the best leak-free reliability record in the industry. We understand that no one likes to deal with leaks caused by poor workmanship, low quality materials and insufficient in-house testing. With Protec Arisawa, you receive high quality leak-free vessels, first time every time.

Pressure Vessels Available with an ASME Code Stamp Upon request. The ASME Code is an internationally recognized safety standard written specifically for fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels

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