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Microzone Ozone Generators

Product Description

The Pure Aqua Inc. Microzone Series uses corona discharge (CD) technology to provide superior ozone performance in a compact size. A plug-and-play product line that delivers tremendous value with minimal complexity and cost.

Product Benefits:
  • Better Sanitation – Complete disinfection on contact
  • Eliminates odors – Powerful, but safe, oxidation
  • Saves money – Reduces or eliminates chemical use
  • Saves time – Disinfectant produced on-site (no storage, mixing or handling of chemicals)
  • Protects the Environment - Ozone reduces wastewater pollutants

Unit Grams Per Hour @ SCFH Concentration By Weight @ Rated SCFH Vacuum Pressure (-5 in. Hg / 10 PSI) 120V / 60Hz, Amps 220V / 50Hz, Amps, Single Hot Leg
Ambient Air Ambient Air
Microzone 100 0.1@3 0.10 V 0.25 (12VDC)  
Microzone 300 0.3@6 0.20 V 0.25 0.14
Microzone 300P 0.3@6.5 0.20 P 0.30 0.16
Microzone 500 0.5@5 0.20 V 0.50 0.28
PRO-400 0.4@8 1.00 V 1.50 1.00
For more information, please see our PDF in the "Download" tab
Product Features:
  • Compact
  • 0-100% ozone output
  • Main power indicator
  • No air preparation required
  • Low power consumption
Ideal Applications Include:
  • Residential Pools
  • Residential Spas
  • Ornamental Water Features
  • Small Aquariums
  • Water Vending Machines
  • Water Store Recirculation Systems
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