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Hydranautics Seawater Reverse Osmosis RO Membranes

hydranautics seawater RO reverse osmosis membranes elements parts and components

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Hydranautics Seawater RO Membranes



Hydranautics seawater SWC membranes are accessible in sizes from 2.5” to 8” elements, and facilitate high productivity, salt rejection, and consistent ultrapure water. Sea water membranes are constructed to cover various degrees of seawater worldwide with dependable and demonstrative performance. Hydranautics seawater desalination membranes provide benefits such as:

  • High productivity (permeate) flow
  • More than 99.7% Salt Rejection
  • More than 92% rejection of boron
  • Low levels of biological and colloidal fouling
  • High tolerance for pH cleaning
  • Low energy usage

The phenomenal performance and stability of sea water membranes develops a need for these elements in seawater desalination and industrial wastewater treatment applications that have high TDS levels.

Sea water membranes use LD Low differential LD Technology® to provide a minimization of colloidal fouling when used simultaneously with customary pre-treatment systems. They afford invariably low feed pressures and long-term performance between two consecutive cleanings.

MAX models consist of active membrane surface areas and offer quality performance with maximal TDS and boron elimination from warm feed waters.

Hydranautics Seawater Membrane Features

  • Improved resistance to chemicals due to enhancement of membrane chemistry
  • Advanced spacer design to reduce the trapping of small colloidal particles
  • Minimal biological fouling
  • Zero pressure impact damages during system operations

Applications for Hydranautics Seawater Membranes


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