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Hydranautics 8" Nanofiltration Membranes

Hydranautics nanofiltration membranes are the world’s leader in nanofiltration membrane technology. These NF membranes have been manufactured to possess advanced chlorine tolerant spiral wound membranes for color removal. Hydranautic membranes function at high specific fluxes and are incredibly efficient at eliminating organics and colloidal particles, while allowing most saline to pass through. Nanofiltration membranes can generate greater water per membrane with less feed pressure, and reduce the necessity of restoring the mineral content from product water. 

Each of Hydranautics membrane elements are capable of tolerating a hundred times more chlorine than conventional polyamide membranes. This feature allows more efficient decontamination of the system to eradicate biological growth. Due to Hydranautics nanofiltration membrane enhanced tolerance, it wipes away the requirement for dechlorination prior to membrane filtering, which reduces pretreatment prerequisites.

Hydranautics nanofiltration membranes are designed to eliminate more than 90% salt rejection with the usage of power & energy, low pressure performance, which greatly reduces installments and operation expenses. These membranes absolve organic material with maximum efficiency for the purposes of avoiding the build up of impurities within feed waters. They are also perfect alternatives as membrane based water softeners. The benefits provided by Hydranautics ESNA membranes consist of:

  • Up to 92% salt rejection
  • Eradication of organic substances
  • Optimal hardness rejection
  • Ultra low pressure and power & energy savings
  • Lower OPEX
  • Utilization of advanced technology for maximum productivity and easy cleanability


Hydranautics Membranes


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