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Hydranautics 8" Brackish Water Membranes

Hydranautics membranes continue to fulfill the growing demands of the water purification industry through great efficiency, unmatched performance, high salt rejection, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. These reverse osmosis membranes reach high level standards for the membrane elements that provide the greatest salt rejection rates on the market. They can range in size from 4” to 8” elements, delivering the highest levels of salt rejection and an always pure end product. Hydranautics membranes consist of the elements that contain various amounts of seawater salinities globally with reliable and proven performance.

Hydranautics membranes Hydranautics membranes lower fouling in waste and surface water while having a high fouling potential for reuse and reclaimed applications. These membranes deliver advanced membrane technology to reduce fouling and effectively clean contaminated feed and municipal wastewater. Until this time, these applications necessitated some form of pre-treatment before entering a composite polyamide membrane. These membranes are constructed with a thicker brine spacer which reduces the Delta P, satisfying the growing need for lower fouling membranes. This requires less need for continuous cleanings while preserving a high permeate flow.


  • High Rejection
  • Sea Water Membranes
  • LFC Membranes for Low Fouling
  • SanRO Membranes for Sanitary or Full Fit

Hydranautics ESPA

Hydranautics membranes proceed to be the most suitable membranes for the growing needs of the water purification industry. ESPA series membranes continue to be the preferred choice for maximum productivity and salt rejection. These membranes provide solutions to remedy even the most difficult water purification problems with unmatched productive capacity, efficiency, and savings.


  • High Productivity
  • Up to 99% Salt Rejection
  • Lower pressure for lower CAPEX/OPEX
  • Extended life of membrane due to less fouling
  • Efficient rejection of impurities such as Boron and Silica
  • Great tolerance for pH cleaning

Hydranautics CPA

When it comes to optimal performance, composite polyamide (CPA) membranes are viewed as the highest quality elements for reverse osmosis membranes. CPA membranes deliver the most consistent and cost-effective saline rejection rates on the market. These membranes provide benefits such as: 

  • Up to 99% Salt Rejection
  • Efficient rejection of silica, hardness and TOC
  • Maximum productivity (permeate) flow
  • Upwards of 93% rejection of boron
  • Low levels of biological and colloidal fouling
  • Great tolerance for pH cleaning
  • Low energy usage

Hydranautics LFC 

Low fouling composite (LFC) membranes deliver huge reductions in fouling percentages and growth in membrane productivity by recovering minimal performance after cleaning. LFC membranes meet the requirements for treating difficult feed waters of various municipal and industrial applications. This membrane is perfectly suited for the treatment of difficult feed waters for many municipal water and industrial applications, which until now required the usage of feed water pre-treatment from reverse osmosis membranes. Hydranautics LFC membranes provide benefits such as:

  • Maximum productivity (permeate) flow
  • More than 99.7% Salt Rejection
  • Low levels of biological
  • Lower colloidal fouling
  • Enhanced membrane toughness
  • Less differential pressure
  • High tolerance for pH cleaning
  • Flux distribution upgrade

Hydranautics Membranes


 Low Energy/High Flow Tap & Brackish Water Thin Film Membranes


 High Rejection Tap & Brackish Water Thin Film Membranes


 Seawater Membranes


 Low Fouling Membranes


 Nanofiltration Membranes

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