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Hydranautics 2.5" Seawater Membranes

Hydranautics seawater membranes continuously meet and satisfy the increasing demands of the water purification industry through their high productivity, outstanding performance, salt rejection, productivity, and savings. These membranes set high performance standards for the seawater reverse osmosis membrane elements which deliver the highest salt rejection rates available. They can range in different sized elements, delivering the highest levels of salt rejection and an always pure end product. They are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance.

Hydranautics seawater membranes lower fouling in waste and surface water while having a high fouling potential for reuse and reclaimed applications. These seawater membranes offer superior membrane technology to lower membrane fouling and treatments to treat difficult feed and municipal wastewater. To this point, these applications have significantly required a pretreatment before exposing them to a composite polyamide membrane. These membranes are manufactured with a thicker brine spacer which reduces the Delta P, meeting the increased demand for reduced fouling membranes. This permits a lesser need for frequent cleanings while maintaining a high permeate flow.


  • High Rejection

  • Low Feed Pressure

  • Minimal Energy Consumption

As available fresh water grows scarce, Hydranautics takes the lead in bringing a variety of SWC reverse osmosis membranes to satisfy the demands of the water purification industry. Sea Water Composite have boosted the efficiency and salt rejection for over twenty years while improving environmental conditions. These reverse osmosis membranes are manufactured in a scope of custom designs that depend on the level of seawater salinity needed.

Seawater membranes are designed to provide the utmost productivity during operation, and bring the highest salt rejection rates possible in the industry. These benefits are combined with an optimized flow, reduced fouling, and minimal energy consumption.

This phenomenal performance and stability produces demand for seawater membranes in saltwater filtration and commercial water treatment applications which carry high TDS, such as conventional and composite designs.


Hydranautics SWC membranes offer high productivity elements that achieve continuously pure end products. These membranes are structured to sustain contrasting levels of seawater salinities around the world with dependable performance.


SWC4 have been given the moniker as the best salt rejecting membranes for treating purifying high levels of saltwater and producing low TDS permeate. This membrane is regularly used in the water management of seawater and highly brackish waters. SWC4 membranes come in two different kinds of elements called MAX and LD.


SWC5 membranes offer efficient salt rejection as well, and are used when low feed pressures are required due to the feed water consisting of lower TDS permeate. These membranes provide the utmost energy effectiveness at the lowest costs and are utilized in massive desalination plants. SWC5 membranes come in two different kinds of elements called MAX and LD.


SWC6 consist of minimum feed pressure membranes that deliver very low energy consumption. They are used during instances when the seawater feed temperature is reduced which demands high feed pressures. These membranes culminate in lower purification costs and less energy consumption. SWC6 membranes come in two different kinds of elements called MAX and LD.


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