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Forced Draft Degasifiers

Product Description

Pure Aqua Forced Draft Degasifiers are used to remove unwanted gases from supply water. The degasifier removes the gases by passing the water over a packing media that helps the water form a thin film over the surface area of the tower. A counter current airflow is introduced at the bottom of the tower and travels up the stack through the descending flow of water. The gases are stripped as the air passes over the surface area of the water.

Pure Aqua has a complete line of Forced Draft Degasifiers available. The systems start at 75 gpm and go up to 1000 gpm.


Degasifiers are used in demineralizer applications to strip CO2 following a strong acid cation exchanger or softening application. They can also be used as an economical way to strip hydrogen sulfide or volatile organic compounds (VOC). Degasifiers are sized based on water service flow rate.

Operation of the System

The forced aeration of water will obtain oxidized matter from the fluid and remove gases such as methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The total removal of the gases requires previous acidifying of the fluid and the use of strong oxidizing agents such as chlorine or potassium permanganate. The raw water falls from the top of the tower onto a layer of filling elements of special shapes. This is required in order to maximize the surface area with the forced upward draft. This results in the most thorough oxidation and removal of gases carried up through the tower and collected at the top. 5

Forced Draft Degasifiers
Model # Tower
Max Flow
Air Flow
Blower HP Inlet/ Outlet. Clearwell
Size (Gal)
Media (ft3)
FDD-75 24” 75 350 1-4 2” / 4" 300 20
FDD-140 36” 140 700 1-3 3” / 6" 600 50
FDD-250 48” 250 1250 1-2 4” / 8" 1000 90
FDD-390 60” 390 2000 3-4 6” / 10" 1500 140
FDD-550 72” 550 2800 1 6” / 10" 2200 200
FDD-1000 96” 1000 5000 2 8” / 12" 4000 270
For more information, please view/download our "Data Sheet"
Forced Draft Degasifiers
Standard Features:
Available Options:
  • Corrosion resistant, high quality material
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Clearwell (FDD75-250)
  • Overflow connection
  • Inlet valve and plumbing to tower
  • Tower assembly and internals
  • Clearwell access ports
  • Clearwell level switch
  • Float operated ball valve
  • Power supply: 460V/3pH/60Hz
  • Standby fan unit
  • Fixing lugs
  • Insulated/heated clearwell
  • Clearwell (FDD390-1000)
  • Tropical conditioned motor
  • Flame proof motor
  • Power supply: 220V/3pH/50Hz
  • Fan intake air filters
  • Custom designed units
The ideal applications for a Pure Aqua Degasifier include:
  • H2S removal
  • Post treatment for RO systems
  • Post treatment for MBDI
[custom-documents]Forced Draft Degasifiers Data Sheet [/custom-documents]
Available Models
Product Features
Product Documents & Data Sheets
Product Videos
Pure Aqua| RO Pretreatment Equipment Panama, 11 GPM 01:09

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to RO Pretreatment Equipment. Three media filters were designed for RO pretreatment and shipped to a major company in Panama in January 2014. Each of these three filters was designed to remove different kind of contaminants ahead of reverse osmosis. The first removes odor, color, and foul taste. The second removes organic contaminants. The third removes iron and manganese specifically. Each of the three filters in this RO Pretreatment Equipment has a filter rate of 11 GPM. For more information click here:

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