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Flint and Walling Water Pumps

Pumps designed to increase water pressure from city mains or private water systems.

The Pressure Booster Pump is designed to increase water pressure from city mains or private water systems. Applications include pressure cleaning, spray or mist systems, jockey pumps, booster service, reverse osmosis, water circulation and general purpose pumping.

Pure Aqua supplies Flint and walling water pumps which comprises of centrifugal, electrical jet, sprinkling, booster, submersible well, pressure booster, and diaphragm tanks. Flint & Walling began manufacturing windmills and hand pumps in 1866, which makes them one of the first pump manufacturing companies in the U.S. Modernization during the WW2 period saw the evolution of more advanced pump technology that are still commonly used today.

The manufacturing process has attained its success through ensuring industry leading technology, 100% quality control, and reliability where pumps stay in the hole right out of the box. These unmatched features are made possible through the experience and dedication of a workforce comprised with fourth and fifth generation team members. Flint and walling water pumps have consistently evolved with new and improved solutions for transporting and distributing water throughout the nation. Flint and walling pumps continue to be manufactured proudly in the USA.

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