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Fleck 9100 Control Valve

Product Description


The Fleck 9100 is the plastic version of the 9000 valve. Twin-tank design means that soft water is available at all times. Five-cycle control delivers controlled upflow backwash, downflow brining, slow rinse, rapid rinse and timed brine refill, are all performed with conditioned water. The most salt-efficient valve available because you don't need to program in a reserve. Regenerates immediately when needed, as often as every 90 minutes if required. Continuous flow rates up to 18gpm, 24 gpm peak. Handles softeners up to 12" in diameter. 

How to Order Fleck Valve?

  • Specify the valve needed is for back wash filter or water softener.
  • Specify the flow rate needed for your application
  • Specify the size of tank being used when ordering to ensure proper flow restrictor sizing.
  • Fleck valve has different option, please discuss your application with Pure Aqua representative to offer the best options to fit your application.

Valve Specifications:

Valve material

Fiber-reinforced polymer


3/4", 1" or 1-1/4"




Flow Rates (50 psi Inlet) - Valve with Meter:


3/4" meter

3/4" turbine

1" meter

Continuous (15 psi drop)

18 GPM

19 GPM

21 GPM

Peak (25 psi drop)

24 GPM

25 GPM

28 GPM

Cv (flow at 1 psi drop)




Max. backwash (25 psi drop)

8.5 GPM

8.5 GPM

8.5 GPM




Downflow only

Adjustable cycles



Time available

3200: 82 or 164 minutes total

SXT: 199 minutes per cycle

XT: Up to 240 minutes per cycle


Meter Information:

Meter accuracy range

3/4": .25 - 15 GPM +/- 5%

1": .7 - 40 GPM +/- 5%


Meter capacity range (gal.)


Standard: 125 - 2,125

Extended: 625 - 10,625

SXT: 1 - 999,900

XT: 1,000 - 9,900,000




Standard: 310 - 5,270

Extended: 1,550 - 26,350

SXT: 1 - 999,900

XT: 1,000 - 9,900,000




Residential/Light Commercial Twin Tank Valve

  • Salt and water savings by using 100% capacity of the tank in service before switching to the second tank
  • Regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water
  • Regenerates with soft water and keeps system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance
  • Proven technology and performance
  • Corrosion-free fiber reinforced polymer valve body
  • Innovative second tank quick connection
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer or lead-free brass
  • Bypass valve
  • Auxiliary switches
  • 3200 mechanical timer, SXT, or XT electronic timers
  • 32 mm high flow distribution system







  • Commercial Twin Water Softener
  • Industrial Twin Water Softener
  • Nitrate Removal System
  • Iron Removal System


[custom-documents]Fleck 9100 Spec Sheet
Fleck 9100 Service Manual[/custom-documents]
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